Police Challenges



Theroles and responsibilities of police chiefs are becoming increasinglycomplex, owing to the highly fluid environments within which policeare forced to operate in the 21stcentury (Walker&amp Katz, 2012). Today’s police chiefs have tograpple with highly organized crimes such as terrorism as well ascivil unrests and criminal persecutions of officers. These challengeslead to the need for specialized training for effective countermeasures.

Nowmore than before, countries are more prone to organized crimes andterrorism, whose perpetrators operate outside the jurisdiction of onepolice chief. This is leading to the need for internationalcooperation of all police chiefs. Moreover, the perpetrators arehighly trained and use high-powered weaponry, guerrilla tactics, andhigh-tech intelligence. The nature of these crimes presents thechallenge of intelligence gathering, counter-measure equipment andabove all, special training for the police to adequately deal withthe challenges presented by these crimes (Walker&amp Katz, 2012).

Besidesterrorism and organized crimes, trends show increases in the numberof civil unrests than in the past, most of which arise as a reactionto an incident. However, as trend shows, most of the civil unrestsare chaotic, leading to the need for the use of excess but necessaryforce. However, there is a craze for criminal persecutions ofofficers especially those “caught on camera,” a media buzz phrasetranslating to officers who was caught doing something wrong. Theseprosecutions are at times ill-advised and do not consider thesituation that forced the officer to act as he did (Ross, 2012).

Clearly,police chiefs have to grapple with numerous arising challenges, amongthem, dealing with terrorism and organized crimes, as well as therising cases of civil unrests that lead to the prosecution ofofficers. As such, the police force requires specialized training tohelp the police chiefs to counter the numerous arising challengeswhen attempting to provide protection and service to the citizenswithin their jurisdiction.


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