Police Behavior



Policebehavior has been portrayed in a bad light in the Training Day movie.Police brutality and corruption is depicted in an equal measure. Itis centered on two anti-narcotics police officers in the LAPD who arerogue and are involved in multiple scandals ranging from graft tomurder (Silver et al., 2001). According to the Walker and Katz`sinformation on police corruption, police behavior as revealed in themovie is very realistic. The two authors conjure that corruption isdeeply rooted in institutions that condone it. If top cops areinvolved in the vice, it is more likely that junior officers willfollow in the same footsteps (Walker &amp Katz, 2013).

Forinstance, Jake Hoyt, a young police officer introduced to streetreality by Alonzo finds himself embroiled in the police riot. It is adeviant behavior in the police force where individuals misuse theirauthority for personal gain. According to rotten apple theory, policecorruption provides convenient scapegoats (Walker &amp Katz, 2013).This is especially true towards the end of the picture when Hoyt isgiven the order to kill. He is compelled to do it by the fact that ifhe does not, he will be framed for it all the same.

Alonzoand his group would be considered meat-eaters. They mastermindpayoffs and graft in the LAPD. Their lives are real because they donot depend on their meager salaries to support their livelihoods.They are at the center of mob crimes eating off illegal activities inthe streets. The corruption depicted by the film is believable, andit is more likely that it is happening in police departments. Theactions described by Alonzo and his cohort are clear definitions ofwhat greedy officers are capable of. In police departments, there isalways a possibility that some individuals will get greedy given thetemptation they are exposed to by working in environments withcriminals who would do anything to keep their activities runningincluding buying off police officers who can sing along their tune.


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