Personal Statement



Whilewalking along the corridors, I overheard a shriek, followed by a cryin the ICU. As a member of the staff, I rushed to the unit to gatherthe cause of the panic. On approaching, I almost knocked offeverybody present as I sought access to the boy who was lying on thehospital bed. The boy’s horrifying visage was marked by crackedlips and bulging eyes. His condition made me perceive that thephysicians present were not doing enough to administer CPR. Iimmediately set to the task of trying to revive the boy through CPR.While everyone else threw in the towel, I still believed I couldresuscitate the poor lad. Finally, I rose to the touch of the boy’sfather who seemed to have let go of his son. Engulfed in pain, Iceased. My pain was exacerbated by the fact that the hospital couldnot use all the available resources on the 15-year-old boy becausethere were other patients in need of similar services. The experiencechanged my attitude towards patient education. The boy’s DKAcondition could have been less severe if the parents possessedadequate information. I took it upon myself to educate patients onvarious diseases. I ensured that each client visiting the facilityhad adequate information on both control and preventative methods ofmanaging a given condition. The rationale for this is that, a goodnumber of the diseases are preventable. I also consider it as animperative tool to reduce the cost of healthcare.

Myinternship period was not devoid of disheartening challenges. Themost unnerving of all were in Pakistan, in a hospital that was poorlyendowed with basic support services.We usually ran out of beds, space, antibiotics and statures.Onmany occasions, you could find me carrying babies to the ICU so thatI could rush against time to put them on ventilator support.Additionally, I once worked for more the two years in a patient’swelfare department of a non-governmental Institution. During breaks,I would spare time to go the pharmacy to give free drugs to the sickpatients admitted to the public hospital. Sometimes, individuals frompoor economic backgrounds could not afford expensive medication. Ialways felt contented after knowing that I had made a sententiousimpact on their health and lives. At times, I had to sacrificesleeping to update the records of the blood bank. During my voluntaryservice in the institutions, not a single patient was accidentallyinfected with either HIV or Hepatitis due to poor blood screening andrecording.Iam still proud of the voluntary services I offered to patients at thehospital.

Asan Asian woman, living in a predominantly chauvinistic society, I hadto struggle with various factors. I was the first doctor in thefamily, and I did not have a family mentor. Nonetheless, I wanted todefy all the odds. My determination, since my high school years, ledme to study arduously. Because hard work pays, I consistently rankedamong the top- 25 students in high school, and among the best ten inthe Medical College.

Iintend to exploit the available learning opportunities to expand myacquaintance in internal medicine. My ultimate objective is toimprove my skills and derive diverse approaches to the subject. Ibelieve my attributes of hard work, teamwork, professionalism,adaptability, and leadership will be of importance for theinstitution. As a resident, I look forward to work with experiencedsupervisors and fellow practitioners who will contribute immensely tomy quest for knowledge.




Anassassination attempt, on me in my Baghdad clinic in 2010 while I wasdelivering care to my patients, completely changed my lifethankfully, the attempt failed.

Backto my beginning, the nature of dentistry, which calls for both mentaland hands-on coordination, has always interested me. I was inspiredby my father who was a specialized dentist visiting his clinic wasfun. I loved seeing smiles on people’s faces after receiving dentalcare. I realized the great satisfaction that could be achieved whileworking within this caring profession. I knew that dentistry would bemy destiny.

Soonafter graduating from dental school, I started delivering dental careto my community. I enjoyed my ability to serve people satisfactorily.This brought me to wonder how I could expand my services to a largepopulation than just my community. I resolved to join academia toteach, train and nurture professionals to serve our large community.Later on, I enrolled for Master`s degree in Laser applications inDentistry. I thought of researching and bringing new technology withthe traditional dental treatments to evolve our dental practice.

Atthat point, I was experiencing stability. My family was successfuland I was also working as a lecturer in Al-Nahrean university. I alsoowned a private dental practice that served the community. After theassassination attempt, I felt the terrifying face of danger targetingme and my family. Unfortunately, I was forced to flee Iraq toMalaysia. On arrival, I thought that all my dreams had crumbled. Thatperiod was devastating due to the ignorance of where or when we wouldbe resettled. In spite of my difficulties, I didn`t give up. Idecided to do my Ph.D. in orthodontics to be a productive person inany community. I’ve enrolled in a Ph.D. program at University ofScience Malaysia (USM). I’ve practiced orthodontics and supervisedclinics for undergraduate students within the general dental practiceand orthodontic specialty. On top of that, I’ve worked on aresearch to innovate orthodontic treatment as I had previously dreamtof making a positive difference in the world.

Inmy Ph.D. research, I focused on improving orthodontic treatment byincorporating the use of non-invasive methods, like the low intensitylaser as well as moderated pulsed ultrasound therapies, which usedtraditional orthodontic treatment to improve tissue response. I’veinvestigated and optimized their effects on the cellular level withinin-vitro cell culturing (osteoblasts &amp shed stem cells) andwithin in-vivo experimental tooth movement on rats. I’ve assessedmaterials cytotoxicity, cell viability, osteocalcin and alkalinephosphate activity detected gene expression, and performedhistomorphometry and histochemistry. I’ve achieved promisingresults and presented valuable findings of my work in well-knownscientific journals and conferences. I have also won two prizes andawards.

Duringmy dental practice, I diversified by communicating with differentdental professionals from multiple countries with varying healthsystems, while I was attending international training courses inIraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Italy, Malaysia, and Singapore. After spendingthree and half years in Malaysia, my family and I were fortunateenough to be resettled in the United States &quotCalifornia&quot atthe end of 2013. Recently, I finished my Ph.D. and during the currenttime of establishing my way in the US academic dental community, Iinsist on being a helpful person within my community. I have had theblessing of joining community service organizations, like WorldRelief, International Rescue Committee, and Peace Dove organizations,where I served as a case worker and as a volunteer to help thenewcomers’ refugees and underserved communities through theintensive care management program. Currently, I offer translationservices and connect people to community services and health careproviders. I`m also working on having the ability to equip mybackground with US knowledge and experiences for innovating dentalsciences and services hoping to make a variation in our society.

Apartfrom practice facet, policy, and studies, there is another reasonthat has attracted me dentistry patients and professionals withinthis profession are ever happy. Therefore, as I work in the facility,residential, down to the learners, I have always felt that myattitude is still fit for dentistry. I have a tranquil character, afriendly look and a skilled personality. I am also endowed withsincerity with unnoticed sense of humor, a proud parent who loves hisfamily with a melting lenience. Personally, I aim remain a keencompanion and father with a smart living. Professionally, I aspire tobe a real humble, treasured dentist.

Iam searching for a dental program that values the same traits as Ido: a program that encourages high-quality research, which iscommitted to serving their patients and a hardworking dental schoolthat possess all ethos of excellence. A program that selects me willreceive an optimistic, diverse thinking, enthusiastic, and anintellectually curious individual who will work tirelessly to serveboth patients and colleagues.