Personal Statement for Psyd Program

PersonalStatement for Psyd Program

PersonalStatement for Psyd Program

Myobjective of acquiring a Doctorate of Psychology at your Universityarises from my passion in human psychology. The drive has offered mean opportunity to experience the benefits of an integrative approachto assisting those who desire to achieve strength in theirlives.&nbspMoreover,my long-term involvement with individuals of all age groups has beenof great interest in my understanding of the developmentalcharacteristics of the human mind. Apparently, Iam forty-five years old, and have been married for twenty-one yearswith three children. I work as a full-time Behavioral Health Officerin the NC Army National Guard and recently started a twelve-monthdeployment exercise with the US Army to the Middle East. To achievemy educational purposes, I have opted to your university because ofits longstanding reputation in PsyDProgram.

Followingmy graduation from the University of North Carolina in 2002, I beganmy career as a protective services worker in a child welfare centerwhere I worked for several years. During the same period, I becamemore interested in the impact of trauma experience, treatment andrecovery. As my profession advanced, I finalized my MSW, acquiredclinical licensure and found a role in community mental health.Thereafter, I changed from community mental health to privatepractice but still focused on trauma and its associated factors. As aparallel event, the U.S. was engaged in extended combat in bothAfghanistan and Iraq hence there were many armies with traumaexposure symptoms. I had encounters with Soldiers during the privatepractice and as a Military Family Life Consultant. As a result of theexperience, I discovered passion in offering care for the securitypersonnel, and I joined the VA Medical Center, as a full-time traumaclinician for war veterans.

Afterbeing a member of the VA, I thought of pursuing a PsyD so that Icould gain additional skills in clinical care. However, I could notdo so at that moment due to several family matters. Nonetheless, Iacquired further training and accreditations in Cognitive ProcessingTherapy, Prolonged Exposure, CBT for Insomnia and Acceptance andCommitment Therapy. At that moment, I considered joining the militaryand obtaining a PsyD. Consequently, I was appointed as a BehavioralHealth Officer in the National Army. Afterwards, I was hired to actas the full-time BHO and mandated with the creation of an organicplatform that would show the important interactive health needs ofthe army. I have participated in the process for almost two years andhave created a strong program for evaluating the behavioral wellbeingof Soldiers.

Regardingcomputer literacy, I have skills in the use of electronic orientedrecord keeping, tele-health, data portals, and computer-dependentassessment procedures. Through my experience, I understand thatfamiliarity with basic computing is vital for operations in mycurrent work setting. I aim to have the capacity to work with noexternal assistance because of the confidence in computer as my keysource of knowledge for data entry. Furthermore, I acknowledge thatcomputer-aided telecommunication is essential in my work environment.

Ihave the conviction that through my backgroundin education, professional experience and computer literacy, I amprepared for achievement as an active independent learner in thepath of a PsyD. I have the endless motivation to grow and live bothas a person and as a clinician. As I stay focused on care forhumanity, I consider it indispensable and constructive to progress myeducation and keep pace with today’s innovative research. Moreimportantly, I believe that gaining a PsyD will enable me to realizemy motivations.