Part A Article discussion

  1. Part A: Article discussion

Healthdiscrepancies in whites and blacks in U.S

Healthdiscrepancies between whites and black people have been a majorhealth concern in the United States. The United States centralgovernment as well as the federal government has started many healthinitiatives that have been aimed at combating and eliminating thesediscrepancies (Tavernise 1). It is important to note that the blackcommunity is still facing many health disadvantages as compared totheir white population counterparts. Some of the many factors thathave led to these conditions include level of income, educationallevel and job opportunities. However, recent statistics haveindicated that this has been a progressive move as the gap narrowedbetween the whites and the blacks (Tavernise 1).

Inaddition, these health gains have made the life expectancy of theblack community to go up. This means that this community is nowcatching up to narrow the gap with a recorded life expectancy of 75.6as compared to 79 for whites (Tavernise 1). During the 1990’s thelife expectancy between the two communities was apart with nearlyfifteen years. The main reason that contributed to poor health in theblack community was high infant mortality rates, segregations,discrimination, poor living standards and poor or no access to healthcare (Tavernise 1). Improved medical care and affordable medical carehas contributed to the narrow gap between the two.

  1. Part B: Peer Response

Responseto Taha Mamon

Yourarticle is about Trump’s anti-immigrations rhetoric and thesignificance of Hispanic vote to the Republican Party. First of all,my answer to your question is that I totally agree with the articleand its indications. There are very slim chances of Trump gettingmore votes for his Republican Party.

Responseto Kelli Grazianos

Yourarticle focuses on Trump’s anti immigration rhetoric and hisprobability of gaining the Hispanic votes. First, in response to youranswer I believe that Trump has tarnished the ideologies and policiesof the Republican Party. As the nominee, Trump has constantly usedthreats and unfavorable language towards particular important issues.


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