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  1. Definition of euthanasia: Ending someone’s life prematurely

  2. Debate over euthanasia

  1. Arguments for euthanasia

  1. Done to end patient’s pain and suffering

  2. Alleviating the burden of hospital costs for the relatives

  3. Death would ultimately come

  1. Arguments against euthanasia

  1. Every one desires to live

  2. Euthanasia legalizes killing

  3. Unprofessional doctors would take advantage

  1. Conclusion

  1. Euthanasia may have positive results

  2. Committee of experts should decide the fate of a person’s life

Persuasive essay on euthanasia

Thesis: Although euthanasia is meant to relieve pain andsuffering for both the patient and the parents, it is essential tohave due diligence and consideration before ending a person’s life.

Euthanasia is the process of ending a person’s life prematurely,and it is mainly aimed at putting an end to the pain or the sufferingthat the patient is going through. The process is typically carriedout with the consent of the family members, and it is done topatients with terminal illnesses such as cancer (Magnusson 44). It isessential to note that this is a topic that has raised extensivedebate with some people supporting it while others are opposed to it.

Euthanasia is said to be a process that relieves patients of theirimmense pain and suffering. It is argued that the patients who aresuffering from terminal illnesses will ultimately die, and it wouldbe unreasonable to watch them going through pain and suffering(Magnusson 114). The relatives suffer regarding the payment of thehospital bills, and it is prudent to end the patient’s life.Lastly, euthanasia might be done at the request of the patient.

This is a process that can be misused by unprofessional doctors whowould end other people’s lives. Additionally, it is essential tonote that no one has a right to terminate another person’s life.Research has indicated that everybody desires to live however, it isduring the state of pain that a patient may not be in a position tomake decisions regarding his or her life (Magnusson 64). Lastly,whereas the process of euthanasia may have benefits both to thepatient and the relatives, it is clear that it a way of legalizingkilling.

Whereas the process of ending a person’s life prematurely may havesome benefits, it is clear that every person desires to live forlong. Therefore, in instances where euthanasia is done, it isessential to have a full committee of individuals who can decide thefate of the patient.

Work cited

Magnusson, Roger S.&nbspAngels of Death: Exploring the EuthanasiaUnderground. Melbourne: Melbourne University Press, 2012. Print.

ArtMimicry: The Last Supper

ThesisStatement: The effectiveness or ineffectiveness of Aubrey-Hallisparody- Last Breakfast Hills- in relaying a meaning.

  1. Opening Statement

  1. It can be highlighted that The Last Supper is a depiction of Jesus Christ’s last meal with His disciples before the treachery carried out by Judas Iscariot

  2. General Opinions about the original artwork

  3. Aubrey-Hallis art piece introduction

  4. Thesis Statement

  1. Body

  1. Aubrey-Hallis artwork: Parody or satire

  1. Definition of Parody and Satire

  2. General outlook of the art mimcry and similar portrayals

  3. General Content comparison between the original and copy of the Last Supper Painting.

  1. Justification

  1. Humorous interconnection between the characters (Apostles) in the Original artwork to the revered breakfast cereal characters- Aunt Jemima as Christ

  2. Captain and Crunch as Judas Iscariot

  3. Justification of the Last Breakfast Hills as satire- religious outcry ( Corporate Sacrilege)

  4. Justification of the Last Breakfast Hill as a political and social satire- racial discrimination and feminism

  1. Conclusion

  1. Twofold Interpretation of the Art Mimicry by Aubrey-Hallis: Parody

  2. Interpretation as a Satire

  3. Conclusion of Its effectiveness as both a parody and satire. The establishment of the artwork as an original copy.


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