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WeatherCompany is owned by IBM, and it deals with weather forecasting andinformation technology. It operates under two websites weatherunderground and


Thestructure of the company is made up of the CEO, who is also thegeneral manager, the president, who deals with business solutions,the vice president for business and legal affairs, head of forecastand science operations, chief marketing officer, chief financialofficer, global head of sales, and the manager for consumer products.


Ithas three main competitors cable news network, AccuWeather Inc., andnational weather service. Cable news network provides information tomassive viewers around the globe hence, posing as the biggestcompetitor. Accuweather Inc. and national weather service have asmaller number of viewers hence, they do not present any noticeablechallenge to the company [ CITATION Ros14 l 1033 ].


Revenuestreams for the company come from the business solutions andconsultations, which it provides to businesses and the media as well.

OutsiderApp Development Team

TheOutsider App development team methodology refers to getting a teamfrom outside the organization to undertake the work of developing anapplication to be used in the processes and systems of thegovernment.

TheTWCs Big Data Platform

Thecompany’s big data platform is a form of information technologysolution that makes use of a combination of some topographies andcompetences of numerous big data presentations to form the singleconclusion. This, in turn, enables the company to grow, organize,operate, and accomplish a big data environment [ CITATION Ros14 l 1033 ].

ChallengesFaced By the Weather Company and Recommendations

Themain challenge is that the company operates on a big data platformthat comes along with numerous systems and applications. Operatingsuch an environment becomes a challenge because the company must alsofocus on providing the best cable services to its 2.4 billion viewersaround the world. The best recommendation I can offer to the companyis that it needs to redesign its big data platform to be able toaccommodate all the systems [ CITATION Ros14 l 1033 ].


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