Organizational Behavior Case People Problems at HEI Description

OrganizationalBehavior Case: People Problems at HEI Description


PeopleProblems at HEI Description


Fromthe limited information, in this case, I can conclude that Rob isvery efficient, focused and optimistic. He understands that thecompany is undergoing a turbulent time hence, he is looking for waysof making sure that revenue starts streaming in through the openingof a new division. Rob has a vision of a leader since he wants tochange how the company operates to increase revenue (Luthans, 2001).For the company to survive, it needs a visionary and optimisticleader like Rob, who is not afraid to take any risks.


Thefinance manager`s pessimism is uncalled for as a senior member ofmanagement board he should be at the forefront of backing Rob`s planinstead of opposing it. Anyone can see that the company is clearlyunder a financial strain hence, the management needs to come up witha solution to increase the company`s revenues to ensure its survival.The market manager`s optimism is good since it will make sure thatthe business achieves whatever goal it lay down.


Iagree with Rob`s decision because it is ambitious and it has a goodchance of ensuring the survival of the company in the long run(Luthans, 2001). I would like to work for Rob simply because he is anoptimistic leader who can encourage the employees to work hard. Sucha trait is desirable in successful leaders since it ensures that theysurvive during the turbulent times.


IfI were Ashley, I would propose that the company puts all the desiredcandidates under a training program that will be used to select thebest. The training program would last for a month and at the end ofit the candidate who shows the best skills will be chosen.


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