Nonviolenceand Social Change: A Summary

MartinLuther King, Jr. championed for equal justice and rights for allpeople in the American society regardless of creed and race. Hepublished a literally presentation in which he called for massivesocial disobedience in an effort to progress his vision of socialchange after the Civil Rights Commission’s report was not takeninto account. This paper seeks to present a summary based on thisparticular publication.

Accordingto Martin Luther, the 35 million Americans living under the povertyline during the 60’s were not in any way protected by the newlegislation enacted aimed at alleviating the dire economic situationaffecting them at the time. The lack of adequate employmentopportunities during the 60’s led to situations whereby pursuit ofhappiness, liberty and life remained beyond grasp. Being the world’ssingle super power only meant that other people in other nationalsocieties suffered the same plight as a majority of the Negropopulations in the US.

MartinLuther King opted to champion for a social change strategy that waspredominantly nonviolent in nature. This strategy was aimed ateliminating riots that led to the destruction of property and moreso, death and fatalities to many. The author calls for thesophisticated Negroes who feel ultimately aggrieved by whiteAmericans to desist from violence and opt for psychological avenuesto coerce government to look into the numerous social injusticessuffered by poor populations in the US.

Inconclusion, the article sought to compel leading governments like theUK and more so, the US to take the fore at ensuring social justice isassured to all mankind. One can ultimately agree with Martin LutherKing’s sentiments as they championed for the betterment of humansociety. It is quite unfair that the economic situations at the timeand still witnessed today determine whether people life to thefullest or not.