Optical Illusions



Whileobserving the puzzle, I started from the top left. I scanned thepictures in a clockwise manner. Observing the change took me 3minutes 13 seconds. This time was a bit longer than I hadanticipated. Observing the difference was quite hectic, as I couldnot easily see the difference so quick. However, after seeing thedifference, I could not help but see the difference in the image eachtime. The difference is the deletion of the image, which appears tobe a yellow flower at the bottom right next to rock. I had to scanevery section to notice the difference. I divided the photo into ninesections. The sections were top, middle, bottom to represent thehorizontal divisions. The other sections divisions include the left,center, and right.

Iwent ahead and recruited five other people to take the same test. Thepersons will be named A, B, C, D and E. For each of participants, thetime taken for completion and observation of the difference as wellas the gender and age are captured as follows:

  1. 5:43 Male 23 years

  2. 4:32 Female 27 years

  3. 6:19 Male 21 years

  4. 5:11 Male 22 years

  5. 3:19 Female 26 years

Thetime recorded is in minutes and seconds as follows. From therecordings and the observations, the longest time taken was 6 minutes19 seconds while the shortest time was 3 minutes and 19 seconds. Thisshows that there is difference in time taken for observations, andthe difference can be attributed to cognitive ability.