Iam a new student who is about to start a Licensed Practical Nurse(LPN) school in pursuit of my desire of becoming a professionalnurse. You might be wondering why I have chosen to become aprofessional in the nursing field, but for justification, I can saythat there are a couple of things that have motivated me. To begin,allow me to give a brief narrative my mom constantly tells meregarding how caring I used to be as I was growing up. Where I grewup, there was a small town a few miles away. It was comprised ofimmigrants who were employed in a factory nearby. The town wasestablished to house the immigrant factory workers according to mymom. My mother usually reminds me of how I used to bother her,asserting that “we should help the needy children in that town.”

Mymom tells me that I was so concerned with the plights of theunfortunate children to a point of not throwing away food remains Iwould take them to the poor families in that town! However, that townis no longer there because the factory shut the site down andrelocated to another state. I am shedding light on this story todemonstrate that one of the key motivating factors behind my careerchoice is my personality of being compassionate. I want to start anLPN school so that I can legally employ my compassionate nature toimpact positively on the lives of other people as a licensed nurse.In addition to my caring nature, I am magnificent at sciences.Therefore, I believe that a combination of my caring nature andscience proficiency will go a long way in assisting me to impactpositively on the lives of other people in my professional capacityas a licensed nurse and the entire nursing field.

Iam an individual that constantly pursues self-improvement. I want tostart an LPN program so as to improve myself and others. With LPNcertification in my possession, I would have acquired a double-edgedsword with which to develop myself and others as well. Therefore,with an LPN certification, there are many impressions I can leave inthe nursing field in the future. Since my primary responsibilities asa nurse are to plan and provide medical and nursing care to patientsin either a hospital, at home, or in other privatized settings, myfirst impact will directly relate to the providence of nursingservices. Through my enthusiasm, I can change the nursing field inthe future by refining the health status of others by improving thedelivery of nursing services. I am not saying that the nursing fieldis not effective as it currently is I am implying that if anynursing region requires significant improvements, I will be thedriving force behind the change. Thus, I will impact the nursingfield by improving the delivery of nursing services in the future.

Aftermy first LPN certification, I will pursue higher nursingcertifications. For personal improvement, I will further my studiesto increase the likelihoods of securing a spot as a member of aninternationally renowned nursing research facility. Once in thisstrategic position, I will employ all the practical and theoreticalnursing skills I have ever gathered to be part and parcel of aresearch team that will create the next scientific breakthrough.Lately, we have witnessed an upsurge in the number of &quotunidentified&quotand &quotincurable&quot diseases. I perceive of these epidemics asan opportunity for me to step in and work with other medicalprofessionals to concoct solutions to the health problems that reducethe quality of life of humanity I included! Therefore, to improve myhealth and that of others, I believe that an LPN certification willact as a platform for me to impact positively on the lives of others.At the same time, it will provide me an opportunity of changing thefuture of the nursing field.


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