Nursing Pediatric Class Assignment


NursingPediatric Class Assignment

Sandboxschools, located in Homer Glen in Illinois, run a summer program thatoperates from 6 am to 6:30 pm. The primary aim of the program is totake care of the kids during summer to enable working parents attendto their jobs without the burden of who will take care of theirchildren during the summer. Also, the program is aimed at giving kidsan opportunity to interact with their peers and learn new activitiesfrom their peers. The payment is $260 per child for the entiresummer, and all the children are provided with nutritious lunch mealsand snacks.

Theprogram is appropriate for kids from 1stgrade up to the 4thgrade. Students are usually supervised by qualified individuals whoget assistance from trainees pursuing child development education.The caregivers guide kids on various activities, especially lifeskills. Furthermore, the program, through the caregivers, exposeskids to their peers, from whom they can learn positive things thatthey do not know. For example, a kid who does not know how to expresshimself/herself may learn to do so through learning from his/herpeers. Kids are involved in enrichment activities such as music,dance, or physical education.

Themain weaknesses of this program entail few caregivers and financialproblems among some parents. Sometimes, it is difficult to get enoughcaregivers thus the caregivers to kids’ ratio are high. Also, someparents are unable to raise $260 required to cater for one child inthe program. The main strength of this program is that it helpschildren to develop important skills while with other kids and takescare of kids in absence of their parents.