Nurse`s Role in Promoting Health


Nurse`sRole in Promoting Health


Essentialcomponents of the core measure (discharge instructions)

Oneof the core measures for heart disease/failure is dischargeinstructions. While providing discharge instructions to either thepatient or caregiver, a nurse should include a number of elements.They include diet, weight monitoring, activity level, medication use,follow-up appointments as well as signs and symptoms of the conditionand actions to take in case of deterioration (Stella,2013).Such instructions should be written. Alongside electronic medicalrecords, understanding medication use on admitting and discharging apatient has helped in streamlining changes in prescriptions.Educating the patient on factors such as what is heart disease andits risk factors is also paramount during discharge (Stella,2013).It is worth noting that such teaching must be bespoke to thepatient’s or caregiver’s level of understanding.

Theimplications for the BSN nurse’s role when implementing the coremeasure

Oneof the most important roles of BSN nurse when implementing the coremeasure is documenting compliance with the same. This is based on thefact that, the performance of a healthcare organization withreference to core measure is evaluated with documentation (Masicaet al., 2009).This helps in enhancing patient outcomes and quality care.

Nursesare also recommended to teach patients throughout the hospitalizationperiod, depending with the patient’s condition, rather than waitinguntil discharge (Ramos,2014).That model supports optimum learning. For instance, during drugadministration, the nurse should explain on drug action as well asadverse effects. Others include provision of dietary information andsignificance of monitoring weight just to name a few. For optimaloutcomes, the nurse should ensure that the patient or his caregiverunderstands all the information, otherwise should offer clarificationof any misunderstanding.


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