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NewCancer Therapies


Musictherapy as a complementary liver cancer care therapy

Complementarytherapies are the noninvasiveassistants to the primary treatment of cancer and not alternativetreatments. These therapies usually strengthen the patients andimprove the ability of the patients to control their emotional andphysical symptoms of cancer. Moreover, the therapies are rationalpractices delivered by the trained practitioners, which entail themind and body practices like meditation, nutritional counseling,massage therapies, physical fitness including yoga and aerobics, andmusic therapy(Capdepon,2016).Here, the focus will be on music therapy as the adjunctto liver cancer care.

Musictherapy encompasses the utilization of music to promote healing. Thepatients perform or listen to the tune under the guidance of acertified professional musictherapist.Thetherapist analyzes the lyrics, performs, listens, and writes songswith the patients. The composition used is based on the patient’scurrent condition, and their past experiences. This is after anassessment by the music therapist to determine the most appropriatemelody(Tadman&amp Roberts, 2014).The remedy is sometimes carried out on a group basis- that is withloved ones, friends, or with patients suffering from liver cancer. Assuch, the music therapy helps ease the pain and psychologicaldiscomfort accompanying liver cancer(Cassileth,2014).It also decreases depression and anxiety hence, improves thepatient’s ability to sleep. Music healing works by altering thephysiologic and brain activities, whichdistracts the feeling of pain hence, promotion of relaxation.

Theelements to include in the music therapy teaching plan for livercancer patients entail songwriting, improvising of music, playinginstruments, singing, listening to recorded and live music, analyzinglyrics, and movement to music(Darnley-Smith&amp Patey, 2012).Additionally, there will be a framework to group the patientsaccording to the extent of the disease and friendship amongthemselves.

Inconclusion, musictherapy is a complementaryliver cancer care therapy, which enhances the effectiveness of theprimary treatment methods like chemotherapy or liver transplant. Itis appropriate because of its soothing experience, which helps reducepain. The practice has no side effects. As such, it is harmless tothe patient. It just entails lyrics analysis, songwriting, andperformances by the affected and the therapist.


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