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Healthypeople 2020, is a blueprint detailing the health objectives that theUnited States focuses at accomplishing by the year 2020. Thisstrategic plan aims at setting up a society in which citizens live aprolonged healthy life.


Inthe attempt to enable people to live a long healthy life, MayorBloumberg enacted several health initiatives which include: Hepresided over the invention of the country’s biggest bike program,prohibition of smoking in public places, ensuring that staircases arethe most accessible and attractive to use in most institutions. Inthis case, people would prefer to use them instead of lifts andelevators and encouraging physical exercises. Other healthinitiatives were: elimination of artificial trans-fat that is theprimary cause of obesity and development of fast food restaurants inwhich they include the levels of calories in their foods and indicatethe number of calories one should feed on to remain healthy.

Mostpeople do not know how to live healthy lives out of ignorance andnaivety. I, therefore, agree with Mayor Bloumberg that there is theneed for a third party to intervene and direct us on how to keep fitand remain healthy.


Thevoice of a single person of a low social class cannot reach the earsof the government. However, the voice of a mass of such people hasmight because they can engage in planned action which influences thegovernment to act as per their demands.


Someexamples of successful community organizing include: The healthmovements such as the gay activists and other organizations thatfocus on combating discrimination in the deliverance of healthservices. The labor unions which fights for better remuneration ofemployees, conducive working environments, and observation ofemployee rights. A leading labor union is the United Farm Workers ofCalifornia. The feminist movements that fight for equality among menand women through equal pay, involvement of women in decision-makingand the ability of women to initiate divorce among others. Anotherform of community organizing is the civil rights movement which roseto fight for public workers’ rights, and their pleas were takenseriously.


Primaryprevention referrers to various measures undertaken to detect illnessbefore it strikes. It focuses on stopping diseases from everoccurring. Secondary prevention focuses on early diagnosis of adisease and prevents it from getting severe while Tertiary preventionfocuses on rehabilitation upon significant pathogenesis to reduceimpairment and suffering.