My Wedding


Iwould not sleep as I kept thinking to myself.I stayed at our place that chilly night as I heard the chime go offfrom my handset. It was him, the man I would be married to, thefollowing day. “Goodnight my princess” and the butterfliesreturned with my reply “Goodnight,my prince.” I lay on the mat, as the bridesmaid Janet and my friendwere fast asleep next to me in the cold white sheets. Memories beganto run in my restlessmind.

Thechimes ring again from my phone.As I start to wake up, my eyes are flickering around until thatfeeling hits me to realize that it is September 4. The day is finallyhere. Waiting for this memorable day is every girl’s dream. It isevery girl’s dream that when they grow up, they want to be in thatwhite gown with that handsome man, whom they will cohabitate with,for all the days of their lives. “Aww my God!!! Itis mywedding day”, I keep repeating it to myself.

Everythingseems to go into another world as I approach John. He is in his whitelinen jacket, covering his white button up shirt with black slacks,and a black tie with coloredmudboots. Being so lost in his eyes makes me forget the place we areuntil Jane asks John if he would take me forever, and his soft voicesays, “I do.”It makes my mind jump, and my heart races with joy. She then asks methe same question. I bite my lip and says, “Aww yes, I do.”

Thecake is almond,and it isflavoredwith white chocolate, with different tiers from top to the bottom. Itisalso decoratedwith a paisley design and swirls. Thenight is filled withsongs and dance. The lyrics speak of our relationship “I took onelook at you,and I knew you weremeantfor me.” It is now time to separate with the family and get a newreunionwith mixed feelings of both happiness and sadness. I start to hugpeople telling them goodbye and appreciating them for coming to theceremony. Iwalk to where my mom was, gives her a hug andtears start flowing quickly. She smiles and says, “Don’t go! Youhave to stay with me.” As he drives away,we are waving and smiling and murmuring an “I love you” in signlanguage to our friends and family.