My Mother


Wewere flipping the pages of the family album, revisiting the good oldmemories the moment was just right, a lion cub under the embrace ofher mother. At least that is how I feel about being around my lovingmother. My mother was a teacher, friend and a parent to me. I clearlyremember back in kindergarten, how she used to teach me to write andspell words correctly. As time passed, she realized that my vocalswere angelic and from that very moment, my life changed. Discoveringyourself, talent or career path to choose without a guide can bequite challenging, luckily I had my observant mother. I do notexactly know what triggered my singing talent, was it the fact thatmy mother used to sing while taking showers or that I liked Hindumovies, which always have song themes or the appreciation of talentin the American culture.

Mymother never suppressed my talent nor did my father, and somehow Icould feel that my rising star desire for the spotlight wasunstoppable. I was a child oblivious to the challenges of this worldwhich is filled with capitalism where only the best survive. Istarted singing during church services I guess we have to beginsomewhere. Several times I did forget the lyrics of the song, and asthe church silence grew wide and I could get scared, but at thatmoment of need, my mother being a choir member always joined in thesong making it look as if it was a joint effort between the choir andme. She saved the day more times than I can remember, until Imastered the art of memorizing and singing.

Thewalls of the church could not contain my talent, and my reputationpreceded me in the events I started attending. My mother worked sohard to make sure that every week I could get just a karaoke event toentertain people. Not all of my singing entertained the audiences,but I gained experience. There were some moments of karaoke that Ifelt a cold reception from the audience, and I almost gave up, but tomy mother, I was the best singer. I guess that is what it means“mother`s love,” to be always there for you no matter what sheprovided both emotional and financial support. With time, sheconvinced my father to buy studio gear and prepare a room in ourhouse where I could practice after school.

Aftergetting used to singing in my studio, harmonizing schoolwork, andsinging started being a problem. I started missing essential homeworks until my parents were summoned by our principal. Because I hadearlier been reprimanded by my father, I was scared that I would begrounded not to sing, but how my mother convinced my father to tryand understand the situation I was in, is a mystery to date. Myfather saw me as a young teenager who was in a life conflict andneeded moral support and attention. Both my parents advised me,stressing the importance of education in the modern world. Onestatement that I still remember that captured my attention was “wouldyou wish that someone managed your funds, and you would not interpreta thing in the records, are you not giving your manager loopholes totake advantage of your situation?” my mother said.

Shecontinued, “you know that I love you more than anything in theworld, and if education were not that important, I would not beadvising you to keep going to school.” My father was there noddingin support as he gazed at me to see how I would react. I was seeingthe sense that my mother tried to pass to me, though honestly at thattime I would have quit schooling as I saw no reason to continue. Iwas making more money than most of my age mates, and I figured out ifI kept on practicing I would eventually make more than my father andmother combined. After the talk my mother said the magic words“honey, would you like trying out America’s Got TalentCompetition?” I was confused how to react to such proposal afterthe talk we just had. The timing was just off I had a feeling ofexcitement coupled with fear and doubt whether I could make it or itwould just be another cold karaoke experience.

Immediatelymy mother realized I was bothered, and she tapped me on my back andsaid, “my little one, you will rock.” These words gave me a senseof confidence, and I imagine not only being at the center of it all,but also the winner of the talent show competition with amillion-dollar check in my hands. Coincidently, the event happened tobe during the summer when we had a school break. I started ironingout my voice as my mom chose suitable songs which I could sing at theauditions. For a week I practiced as my mother listened correcting mypitch and tones, if you could have seen us, you would think that Iwas a student having a private lesson. Finally, the awaited momentwas here, to prove to the world that I am not just a karaoke andchurch singer, but a global one.

Aswe arrived at the auditions, I became anxious which was not good asit would affect my voice. My mother helped me procure the auditionnumber and a sitting place where I could cool off. Several candidateswalked in some came out frowning, while others were excited. I justwaited for my turn as my mother encouraged me to go out there andgive my best until they could not get enough of it. My number wascalled out, and I walked in, gazed at the judges trying tofamiliarize with the environment. Then I heard one of the judges say,“when you are ready you can start.” I started tapping on thefloor creating the rhythm of the song, and then I gently started tosing. I knew that my voice was thrilling the judges as they tried tosing along with excited faces. After I had finished singing, thejudges appreciated my efforts unfortunately, I did not get a pass.When my mother saw me, she hugged, soothed and told me that I shouldnot be worried about the results to her, I will always be thegreatest singer. These words meant everything to me, I wanted to feela sense of worth and my mother always filled that void, it is forthat reason up to date I never miss to make a call to her toappreciate her for everything she did and continue to do, to me. Sheis the pillar upon which I have established my life.


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