My Love of Baseball

MyLove of Baseball

MyLove of Baseball

Baseballis regarded as a game that is played with a ball, a bat, and a glove.The basics of the match encompass throwing the ball, hitting theball, as well as catching the ball. An interesting aspect of thisgame regards the fact that the execution of these three outlinedtasks is more puzzling than it actually sounds. It is this challengethat makes the baseball players to play and enjoy the game. Therefore,this paper will present an informative essay on my love of baseball.

Lead-First, my love of baseball has been informed by the fact that it isalways a timeless game.Irrespective of how far behind one of the teams playing may fall inthe match the fascinating bit is that they will not run out of timeto recover. The rules state that a team can go on playing and addruns to their overall points in any inning provided they avoid makingthree outs. A comparison to other games, such as hockey and footballshows that these games limit the opportunities of the players with aclock.

Secondly,I love baseball because it is a statistically driven game. Whilestatistical information is vital in rating the performance ofplayers, baseball uses dozens of statistics to rank the value of asingle player against another. The rating ranges from overallbattling to obscure numbers like the average player’s average withrunners in the position of scoring with less than two outs. Acombination of these figures makes baseball more fascinating for mathlovers.

Thirdly,the idea of baseball displaying the teamwork effort and theachievements this brings makes it the ultimate game to watch. Soccerteams have the potential to direct the offense to include playersthat are as regarded as the most potent weapons in the field.However, for baseball, the stars in the field only come to bat onceevery nine times in a single game and can only play a solitaryposition on the field at any given time.

Inconclusion, thispaper discussed my love of baseballand outlined the reasons for this passion. These included the factthat baseball is a timeliness game, statistically driven and adisplay of teamwork. In contrast to the other games, baseball offersone a moment to relax and at the same time observe the application ofstats in the field.