Musical Review



Itis irrefutable that Hamilton has become the talk of the town. Thepopularity is spurred mainly by the acting as well as the soundtracksthat of his recording. The success of Hamilton is attributed toseveral factors. Some of the individuals who have been instrumentalin the works of Hamilton include the designers, directors and theactors. Hamilton while putting his act all together comes out ascommunicating to the other silent majorities. The work of Hamilton isunderstood and accepted across the generations. Songs written for theHamilton by the directors are more than just rap songs. The kind ofsongs in the work of Hamilton is those that excite the listeners. Onelistens to the songs and feels that the songs represent musicaltheatre made by an individual who understands rap. The songs give afeeling that the writer comprehends the cultural lingua franca.Listening to the songs, one would not proceed without identifyingwith the sense of humor. Indeed, the songwriting is one that has beendone within the boundaries and standards set for rap. Most of therecordings of Hamilton give a feeling that they are historicalfiction. In different ways, they acknowledge the thoughts captured inrap.

Whilewatching some of the recordings, I feel raw. Indeed, from thefeeling, I can affirm that indeed I am not far from the eyes ofMiranda. The tracks are very luring and good to listen to. I havenever been in a position to hold myself when listening to the tracks.I dance and in most cases, I am fully absorbed in the sound tracks asif I am reading a very interesting book. I enjoy the soundtracks somuch, often, I laugh by myself when the song “Helpless”plays. It is often at such times that I realize that I knowHamilton’s sister-in-law as if it is a requirement to my job. Oneof the areas where Hamilton has invested is listening, and this givesindividuals a good experience that will make them not to forget him.Indeed, there is no line on stage that is not on the tracks.

Listeningto the soundtracks of Hamilton even before you see Hamilton is not achoice. While seven years of age, I heard the first musicalsoundtrack of Hamilton, AChorus Line.I did not mind as I was listening to it while I had not even knownBroadway then. Even though I considered the collection as dirty, Ipersistently listened to it.

Oneof the solos that I passionately listened to and liked was DianaMorale’s “Nothing”. Listening to this, I felt that Diana haddealt her high school teacher a blow given that the teacher haddescribed her negatively on several occasions using terms thatbordered on racial discrimination. The lyrics done for the songs areexcellent, and one can easily dance to them. Upon watching AChorus Line,there is a vivid description and one gets to comprehend what itmeans. Through the movie, one gets to understand that indeed therewas an actual plot.

Ialso realized that unlike the other Broadway soundtracks, I easilylistened to Hamilton’s soundtrack and absorbed most of the plots.This kind of behavior can be attributed to Hamilton’s musical beingverbal in nature. Every other line of Hamilton is delivered withinthe context of rap. Who would not want to be part of it?

Onthe two occasions that I have seen the works of Hamilton, I havebecome more of their evangelist. I have been inspired a great deal toread Ron Chernow, and I have developed the urge to visit the grave ofHamilton at Trinity Church. Through Hamilton, I have had a sense ofgreatness. I have a feeling that it is something for everyone andmostly those who have a feel of rap. Ideally, it is advisable to seethe musical then listen to the soundtrack of Hamilton.

Thecollaboration of the various players has been immense. The manner inwhich Lin-Manuel Miranda has integrated hip hop and rap intotheatrical story telling is one that remains adorable. It isdifficult imagining the world without the work of Hamilton.

Musicalindeed is a milestone in musical theatre history. Musical has set thetrend and has progressed over time to shape the perception thatindividuals were used to in the musical theatre. Musical has grownand with the works of Hamilton, there is progress that has beenrealized to a point that there is likely to be a new genre of musicaltheatre. The progress has been realized to a point where drama shapesthe music and at no instance is the drama stopped to have some ariainserted. The insertion only happens when drama needs it. Musicalstoday are not just a piece of entertaining drama. Ideally, it haschanged the trajectory of musical theatre. Indeed, musical has set apath in the style of musical story telling. This is one of its kindsthat for a long time, people have yearned to have.