Multi-Culturalism Part I



Theshort story selected is “Woman Hollering Creek” by SandraCisneros. The story focuses on the American literature. The maincharacter in the story is Cleófilas, who is an ideal Mexican wife.Her father and two other brothers brought her up. However, she didnot have a mother. She learned how to become a loving woman bywatching telenovelas programs. She got married to Juan, who carriedher away from their home Texas to Seguin. They were leaving lowstandard of leaving because her husband did not have a decent job toafford quality life. However, Cleofilas was industrious, loving,patient, and supportive woman towards her husband and family at large(Silko’s, and Marmon, p.1).

I would like this person/woman because she was patient and loving.Besides, she was a person who could handle almost every pressure inher life. The main problem or conflict of Cleofilas life was a lackof love and poverty. She lacked love adequate love from her familygiven that she did not have a mother. Besides, she lacked love fromher husband. I believe she handled the problem properly given thatshe managed even to watch telenovelas channels for support andguidance (Silko`s, and Marmon, p.1-2).


Basedon the reading that I have done up to this point, my opinionregarding the most important characteristics that distinguishAmerican literature may be categorized into three areas. The firstcharacteristic is that their literature tends to reflect theirtraditions and believes. Secondly, their literature tends to deviatefrom the traditions at a certain point and move towards theirdirection. Thirdly, their literature tends to have some sense ofhumor that attracts keenness of the readers. Therefore, I think theirliterature is a good representation of the American Identity.


Ithink the contemporary author who will represent the early 21 centuryin American literature class in the future will be Sandra Cisneros. Ithe author brings to the table what define American literature byexploring and putting forth stories that capture the currenthappening in the American society. Therefore, her literature is worthstudying (Silko’s, and Marmon, p.3).


Silko’s,Marmon. &quotSandra Cisneros’&quot Woman Hollering Creek.&quotFolklore,Literature, and Cultural Theory: Collected Essays(2014): one.