MSU Reinstatement Petition

Please discuss why your academic performance has not beensatisfactory in the past.

It is true that my performance in the past semester was dismal but Ihave valid reason to it. My father was laid off from a good job withthe Chinese government after working for 25 years. It was just amatter of time before the financial crunch in my family would biteinto my education. My father made it clear that if the situation didnot improve, I would have to go back to China to find a job. Being anFI Visa holder, I could not apply for a job in the USA to supplementmy family’s income. This whole scenario left me with a lot anxietyand uncertainty. I could not concentrate on my work because all Ikept thinking was whether I would still be at the MSU for theremainder of my degree program. I know that the problems are personaland that I should have found a way to manage my anxiety, but theuncertainty was too much to bear.

Please propose action plan/strategies to address your pastacademic performance

The personal problem is already settled because my father found abetter job with a prominent Chinese bank. Now that my head iscleared, I plan to study harder. Looking at my past GPA, I have beenimproving all along until I encountered the personal problem. Ifreinstated, I plan to maintain the trend of improving in my GPA. I amalso happy that my English language skills have tremendouslyimproved. If I went back to my country for a whole year, I would losethe language environment, meaning that I would have to start from thepreliminary stages when I resume studies at MSU.

If your request for reinstatement is denied, what do you plan todo during your period of recess?

I will go back to China (and possibly lose my language skills), finda temporary job, or work at my parent’s company as an intern.