More Modeling the Human

MoreModeling the Human

  1. Which part of the human eye plays a larger role in color vision: rods or cones?

Acone is the part of the human eye that plays a larger role in thecolor vision than a rod. Cones are a type of retina’sphotoreceptors that provides the eye’s color sensitivity. Althoughrods are more sensitive compared to cones, they are not colorsensitive.

  1. What causes color blindness?

Colorblindness is caused by the presence of one set of rods (or cones) inthe eye, and therefore, not being able to distinguish between twocolors and hence, perceiving the world in monochrome.

  1. What are three guidelines for the use of color in an interface?

Thethree guidelines for the use of color in an interface are simplicity,consistency, and clarity (Aykin,2016).The simplicity of colors enables the interface designer to come upwith an effective mental model. There are four physiologicallycolors, blue, yellow, green, and red, are easy to learn and remember.On the other hand, consistency plays a significant role in assigningcolors. The intuitive ordering corresponds to intuitive consistency.The first color in the spectral order is red, followed by green,yellow, and blue respectively. Red focuses in the foreground, greenand yellow in the middle, while blue focuses in the background.Lastly, clarity plays a significant role in the color interface. Theclarity of color helps the interface designer to find items moreefficiently and quickly.

  1. What is the center part of the retina called?

Thecenter part of the retina is a small dimple known as fovea centralisor fovea. It provides the highest resolution vision.

  1. What role does peripheral vision play in sight?

Peripheralvision plays a vital role in sight. It enables one to see dimmerobjects because it is more-light sensitive. Additionally, it givesone the ability to see and detect movements and objects outside thevision direct line and without focusing on the foveal line of sight.

  1. What are two recommended practices for drawing our attention to elements of an interface in our peripheral vision?

Thetwo recommended practices for drawing our attention to elements of aninterface in our peripheral vision include perception and eyesight(Aykin,2016).The peripheral vision has a poor resolution hence, it tricks peopleon things they see.


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