Misconceptions and Controversies Surrounding Evidence Based Practice in Pediatric Nursing

Misconceptionsand Controversies Surrounding Evidence Based Practice in PediatricNursing

Thereexists various misconceptions and controversies surrounding evidencebased practice, in pediatric nursing. Dekker (2015) in her article‘Evidence based birth’ pointed out the controversies and mythsaround Vitamin K in babies. Most parents had declined to take theirbabies for the vitamin shots and injections. They had variousreasons majority of which were baseless and mere beliefs that ifadopted may, eventually, put the child’s life at risk.

Firstis the belief, among mothers, that the Vitamin K injection wasunnecessary and not natural. This belief raises concerns forincreased leukemia disease in infants. The two misconceptions onVitamin K had five infants hospitalized due to late VK deficiencybleeding. Their parents had held on to these two myths and declinedto take their children for VK injections. This affected the babiesseriously in fact, two of them were bleeding in the brain, and onehad the right side of the brain paralyzed as well as severe cognitivedelays (Dekker, 2015).

Thebeliefs by the mothers are nonexistent since the research has provedthat VK injections cannot cause leukemia in infants. Dekker (2015)further, argue that there is a high likelihood of the infantsdeveloping bleeding in their bodies if they fail to take the shots.From Lippi and Franchinni’s research, VK cannot be produced in ourbodies and there is no proper storage for it. Bodies only get thevitamin from the green leafy vegetables and from the bacteria in theintestines (Dekker, 2015). Since infants rely only on breastfeeding,there is a need for them to get the Vitamin K injection at birth toprevent them from developing late symptoms of the vitamin, likecontinuous bleeding. They also have to get at least three shotsduring their infancy (Dekker, 2015).


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