Mindsets and Habits of Mind

Mindsetsand Habits of Mind

Mindsetsand habits of mind are important determinants of people success andfailure in their lives. The study shows that students believe thatthey have a different level of intelligence, which affects theiracademic performance in school. Some people tend to have a positivemindset while other tends to have a negative mindset. Those withpositive mindset are individuals who believe in their intelligence.They believe they can succeed in almost everything they try do. Onthe other hand, those people with negative mindset tend to believethat they cannot succeed. People with negative mindset are morelikely fail in whatever they may try to do because they lackself-confidence. When such people face small challenges, they aremore susceptible to give up. On the contrary, individuals withpositive mind habits tend to be persistent, hardworking, motivated,and determined to achieve their desired goals. Research shows thatmost people who are innovators are individuals with a positive mindhabit (Dweck, Carol, pp.1-3). Theessay focuses at describing the goal I tried to achieve, and how mymind behavior relates to my success.

AGoal that I tried to achieve

Theone goal that I tried to achieve is to become a first class honorsstudent in my class. Becoming a first class student in college wasnot an easy goal because it required one to have a positive mindset,hard work, dedication, and determination (Dweck, Carol, p.4).

Duringmy studies in college, I developed positive mind behavior bybelieving that I realize my goal. I leant that determination hardwork and focus are key aspects of success. Whenever I did my exam, Iensured that I had scored the highest grades than any other studentin my class. High scores could help me realize my goal easily. Mypositive mindset helped me to achieve my goal. I managed to attainfirst class honors during my graduation making it easier to get thebest paying job (Dweck, Carol, p.4).

MyPositive mindset relates to my success in the sense that it formed afundamental basis of my success. It gave me the motivation to beindustrious despite the obstacles. The reason why I wanted to realizemy goal was to ensure that I get the best paying job immediatelyafter graduation (Dweck, Carol, p. 4-5).

Thefollowing are steps I took to make sure that I achieve my goal. Thefirst step was having a positive mind behavior and believing that Iwas capable of achieving my goals despite the challenges. Secondly,planning was essential in ensuring that everything was done on time.Thirdly, reviewing my actual academic performance to see if I wasworking towards realizing my goal was also important. The final stepinvolved working hard and ensuring that I do not get discourage toachieve my goals (Dweck, Carol, pp.4-6).


Themind behavior relates to success in the sense that it determineswhether one is going to success or not. Besides, my positive mindsethelped me to become motivated to achieve my goal of being a firstclass honors student on my college. I learned that person mindsetmight affect his/her success. It is important to ensure that one hasa positive mindset to achieve the desired goals on time. One shouldalways develop a positive mid behavior and work harder to realizeone’s goals.


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