AnnaTernheim is a Swedish songstress who began her career in music at thetender age of ten. She recorded her first song while in the iconiccity of Atlanta, Georgia. As such, Anna Ternheim is an accomplishedmusician whose musical exploit is not only well embraced in her homecountry of Sweden and in Europe but also in the US (Annele, 2016).Her first album entitled SomebodyOutside releasedin 2004 led the Grammy jury in her home country to award her with thebest new artist trophy for 2004 (Annele, 2016). Thus, it isimperative to provide a discourse that presents a robust marketingstrategy statement for this particular artist to further her personalmission, vision and goals towards raising her success in the globalmusical industry.

Marketingstrategy statements are aimed at ensuring artists such as Anna get toaccomplish all their identified business oriented goals(Schlegelmilch, 2016 Silverman, 2015). It is essentially aimed atconforming to existing environmental factors as well as build up onexisting or even novel business undertakings. As such, this marketingstrategy plan will guarantee Ann’s dominance in the global musicindustry. The initial front for Anna’s marketing strategy statementis aimed at her development, as well as, product development(Schlegelmilch, 2016). Anna is to actively engage her fans on socialmedia towards greater artist development outcomes. Digitaldistribution will be employed for enhanced product development toensure that her music is heard in all the four corners of the globe.It will also allow her fans to access her music easily and on demand.This will also serve to increase sales from online marketing avenues.

Thesecond, third and fourth fronts for her marketing strategy statementwill include the promotion of her products, publicity andperformances respectively (Schlegelmilch, 2016). As such, onlinedistribution channels will incorporate her audio and videoproductions as a feedback mechanism to enable her connect virtuallywith her fans. Scheduled international tours in major geographicallocations in the Scandinavian countries, Europe, Canada and the USwill serve to ensure that her publicity is internationallyrecognized. Autographed merchandise associated with Anna’s numerousproductions will be widely and easily available during the tours.From T-shirts, posters, flash drives and other handmade merchandise,the aim is to thank her fans for their continued loyalty and support.

AnnaTernheim has grown over the years to become one of the most respectedartists not only within the Scandinavian region but also in Europe.The singer as well as accomplished songwriter plays the piano, guitarand vocals. Her anti-folk, indie rock, blues, acoustics, alternativeand country music enthusiasts are bound to look forward to herscheduled performances in the international arena.

Itis important to point out that her fans will have the opportunity toaccess numerous products and services relative to this marketingstrategy statement. There include CD retail sales, T-Shirts, otherpromotional merchandise at market friendly costs. The strategy is toensure that her fans get the opportunity to see her perform livetaking into account the numerous requests received on various socialmedia sites calling for live show performances. As such, her themarketing and promotion plan forecasts that proposed financialbudgets will be met through sponsorship deals, online sales, anddiversified merchandise sales.


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