Marketing Concepts



Comment(Dr. Bruce Campbell: How to Attract More Sales by Using the InboundMarketing Funnel)

Thearticle posted by Dr. Campbell is quite relevant to the current worldthat is highly associated with the Internet use. Companies as well asindividuals now have websites to which they wish more people to visitso that they may be able to view what they have posted. As such, as amarketing strategy, it is important for them to come up with waysthat will ensure that they have huge traffic on such websites. Theymay, therefore, need to understand how search engines work in thefirst place, and this will be important since it will enable them tomaximize their usage so that people may easily find their websiteswhile going through the Internet. The ideas furthered by Dr.Campbell, therefore, go a long way in helping towards such agenda. Through the application of the ideas suggested by Dr. Campbell,people are bound to have successful marketing ventures as a result.This is because they will view the Internet as a great tool formarketing and not just a mere source of information. As a result, theprocess of marketing shall be taken to a whole new level, which willplay an immense role in establishing the growth of organizations aswell as their profitability levels as a result of a high turn-over.

Comment(NicoletteSatchel: Marketing is not just for businesses)

Nicolettebrings in a new aspect of marketing that is different from what mostpeople are used to. Her assertion that marketing is not just confinedto the business circles but in almost all the things that we do inour day-to-day lives acts as a big wake-up call. As a result, itcreates the necessity for people to have different views regardingpersonal branding and getting out winning in most of the undertakingsthat they do. The one element that she portrays to be quite importantin marketing is when the activity is personalized such that itbecomes part and parcel of an individual. As such, the person isnormally able to make decisions that will influence him winning overother people and therefore, have an edge over them. The points thatshe highlights which are crucial at marketing a person highlymarketable act a big guide towards such a curse. The article is aworthy read as a result of the big insights that it develops in thefield of marketing.


PARTII – Applied , Theories, Perspectives

Figure1: New realities of the marketing environment today


Thenew marketing realities are made up of various factors that cometogether to influence the success of a given marketing strategy(Kotlerand Keller,2015).These factors include understanding the marketing environment,understanding consumer behavior, understanding marketing ethics andunderstanding organizational buying behavior. All these factors areinterdependent in that they are able to influence better marketingpractices among people and their capability to influence betterperformances. There is an interrelation between understanding themarket environment and understanding the buyer behavior. Anotherrelationship is between understanding marketing ethics andunderstanding organizational behavior. This is because mostorganizations are usually built upon a certain form of ethicalprinciples that they are supposed to abide with.


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