Manager of Customer Service

Managerof Customer Service

Managerof Customer Service

Theoverview of this position includes the provision of excellentcustomer services and promotion of Coca-Cola’s principlesthroughout the soft drink industry. The first core value that must bepossessed by aspiring candidates is the ability to keep the clientservice department operating in an effective and profitable manner.Secondly, the individual must be able to concentrate on ways ofestablishing customer satisfaction. Third, such a candidate must havethe potential to maintain clients’ loyalty and handle theirexpectations (Brady&amp Cronin, 2001).

Eventhough this is an area open to any graduate, having a degree inmarketing, business, management, or consumer studies may improve acandidates chances of being recruited. The main duties of theposition include, offering assistance and advice to clients throughCoca-Cola’s products or services, examining and solving consumerissues, handling client complaints as well as other major incidentsand, keeping accurate records of communications with customers (Brady&amp Cronin, 2001).

Theinternal assessment for the prospective candidates would includereviewing their previous performance records of accomplishment andevaluating their overall ability to stay focused on theorganization’s principles. Similarly, the external assessment willcall for proper scrutiny of the candidate’s social media statusesand other posts to understand the way they can interact with thecompany’s public in case they are employed Keller,K. L. (2001).

Thevarious ways of assessment would be important in ensuring that thepotential candidates have the ability to understand and fulfillCoca-Cola’s client requirements and maintain its longstandingphilosophy of customer loyalty. This would make it possible for therecruitment committee to postulate if the candidates would manage togo beyond customer expectations with the desire to make Coca Colaachieve its goals and objectives Keller,K. L. (2001).


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