Literature ENGL2322



PARTA:How does Shakespeare use animal imagery in the play how does itunderscore theme?

InKingLear,Shakespeare used animal imageries to explain behaviors, situationsand represent individuals. They include kite, vulture, serpent,tiger, dragon, horse, and butterfly among others. In many instances,the author refers to the horse and other animals to describe personsor situations. For example, King Lear asks “why should a dog,horse, a rat, have life. And thou no breathe at all?” (5, 3,306-307). In this situation, KingLearis wondering why the animals are living while his daughter has died.It can also be interpreted as making reference to wicked individualswho are living while the loyal daughter is not allowed to live(Shakespeare, 1723).


Thepiece of art selected from the period of study is the Creationof Adamby Michelangelo. The painting was commissioned by Pope Julius II ofthe Roman Catholic Church. In the masterpiece, God is seen stretchinghis hand to Adam, giving him a spark of life. While Adam isrepresented as earthbound, God assumes the position of a creator (TheCreation of Adam). The painting was chosen because it representedthe new wave of art that flourished in Europe during the Renaissanceperiod. William Shakespeare was one of the greatest authors in the16th and 17th century. Nonetheless, numerous artists and scholarsemerged during the same period in Europe. Their works of art haveremained popular several centuries later. The main reason whyRenaissance art flourished is the humanistic ideas adopted by theartists. They used the lessons learned from the ancient societiessuch as the Greeks and religious contexts to create the masterpieces(Charles, 2012).


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