List of Technology Needed in a Small Firm

Listof Technology Needed in a Small Firm

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Listof Technology Needed in a Small Firm

Sometechnological hardware and software tools will be required for thefirm. Some of the hardware tools include:

  • A laptop, which should be owned by all the legal personnel in the firm for easy data input and management. An Apple MacBook would cost $1,099.

  • Personal digital assistants such as Samsung, or Blackberry smartphones at around $400.00, for communication and sharing of information between the attorneys and other teammates in the paralegal firm (Uptime Legal Systems, 2015).

  • An HP Office Jet J5780 All-in-One, which will be much efficient in offering services such as printing, scanning, fax, and photocopying services. The device costs $399.99 on Amazon.

  • A power surge protector to prevent loss of information in case of a power surge. Such devices cost approximately $40.00.

  • Storage devices such as hard drives for backing up the information on legal matters. A hard disk would cost about $80.00.

Softwaretools are also essential for the law firm. These are mostly criticalfor the management of information, analysis and presentation,storage, sharing, and securing the data. Some software applicationsinclude Pro-Law, which is free, Amicus Attorney at $820, UptimePractice at $119 per month, Time Matter at $995, Worlddox, which isfree, Tabs3 for $74 per month, Quick Books at $169/year and Needles.Other tools include the Microsoft Office software for data input,management analysis, processing, and presentation (Uptime LegalSystems, 2015) Network and Connectivity software, and the Virus andMalware protection software to prevent loss of information due tovirus attack. A GnuCash software would be appropriate for accountingpurposes, and is freely available and compatible with Windows, Mac,and Linux.


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