Legalizing Marijuana


LegalizingMarijuana in Mexico

Mexico`sPresident Enrique Pena has announced plans to introduce laws onlegalizing marijuana and increase quantity that a person can possesand consume from five grams to twenty-eight grams. Prisoners who hadbeen convicted of having a small amount of marijuana will be freed ifthe proposed law will be passed. Furthermore, this bill willauthorize the use of medicine made from cannabis (Gilson, 2016). Theproposed law has been of interest to public policy advocates andbusiness executives.

Accordingto business executives, Mexico will provide new business opportunityas many marijuana entrepreneurs are likely to come up. Businessmenargue that marijuana market will be controlled by legal entrepreneursand registered companies which will increase revenue to thegovernment through taxes. Mexico drug dealers will withdraw frommarijuana market if this law is legalized (Geluardi,2016). Moreover, production medicine will increase through the use ofmarijuana. The business exchange between Mexico and other countrieswill also increase since the law allows selling of only importedmarijuana.

Publicpolicy advocates also have some interest in this law. Advocates haveargued that legalizing marijuana in Mexico will help to fund andsustain criminal groups around the world (Geluardi,2016). Criminal organizations will take this opportunity to ventureinto marijuana market in Mexico where they will get money to fundtheir criminal activities. Furthermore, the drug war in Mexico willincrease because entrepreneurs will have to compete with gangs inmarijuana market, and this will attract unwanted public attention.

Despitehaving a different interest in legalizing marijuana, both thebusiness executive and public policy advocates agree that Marijuanacan be legalized if only controlled by the government (Gilson, 2016).They argue that government should control the amount of marijuanaimported and possessed by the individuals.


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