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The reading makes an argument for the inclusion or exclusion ofpeople of color such as black Americans and Asians in the two majortelevision shows, The&nbspBachelor/Bachelorette’s. According tothe reading, it is evident that the two television shows do notinclude people of color either as the main characters or the hosts ofthe show. The exclusion of the people of color portrays the shows asbeing racist and as being opposed to interracial relationships andmarriages (Lim 1). According to the reading, the inclusion of peopleof color in the shows would ensure that there is a sense ofinclusiveness. On the other hand, it is essential to note that thepeople of color would find it difficult to date the whites in theshow. The society, according to the author of the reading, has placedthe people of color at a point where they are viewed as “undateable”by the whites.

The author has analyzed the issue sufficiently and it is evidentthat the inclusion of people of color as the main characters or eventhe suitors will have both a positive and a negative impact. On onehand, the inclusion will create a positive image of inclusion andvalue for interracial relationships. On the other hand, it will bedifficult for the host of the show and the producers to make theaudience adapt to the new love demographic between the people ofcolor and the whites. The author has clearly demonstrated hisunderstanding of the notion that the society has regarding theinterracial relationships. It is essential to state that the readinghas clearly and well been argued and presented. The author haspresented both sides and presented the relevant and factual points.

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