Job Analysis

1. Finance controller, (2016).

The applicant should have a degree in finance or accounting. Tenyears’ worth of experience as a financial controller in aninternational organization. Other skills include a strong acumen forbusiness, communication skills, and demonstrated success as a teamplayer. The salary for this job is $56,000 per annum.

2.Financial consultant, (2016).

This position requires an applicant with a bachelor’s degree, but amasters degree in finance is strongly preferred. Three years or morein retail sales at a busy organization is an added advantage. Oneyear or more in sales in the insurance industry is necessary. Otherskills include effective communication, strong coaching skills,proven customer service skills, and a demonstrated ability to workwell in a team setting. The salary for this job is $40,000 in a year.

3.Financial manager, (2016).

Asuitable should have a bachelor’s degree in economics and Finance.Knowledge of business and administration is also a necessaryrequirement for this job position. Basic mathematics concepts such asalgebra, calculus, and geometry come in hand for a holder of thisposition. Other desired skills include critical thinking, activelistening, and monitoring. The annual salary for this job is $60,000.

Ingeneral all the jobs related to my interest are projected to grow bya range of between 3 and 7 percent owing to the rising demand forservices. Businesses and citizens alike will always need the servicesof a finance specialist. With the rising uncertainty in the economy,firms and households need the services of finance experts now morethan ever. The future looks bright for the three careers.


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OneWestBank was established as a regional bank in the southern part ofCalifornia. It is dedicated to offering customer service andcommitted to the community as whole (Cheramie et al., 2014). OneWestBank’s mission is to assist in the realization of the financialgoals of its clients. The bank has provided the small business withloans to facilitate their operations in business. The job analysiswas conducted on a branch manager of the Southern California Branchof OneWest Bank (Cheramie et al., 2014). The branch manager, PeterSmith, was interviewed on the matters concerning the job descriptionthe data was recorded out as follows


Thebank managers offer services to enhance an array of financialtransactions and help the clients in accessing various financialservices. They also help clients in matters concerning loans andcheques, electronic card transactions like purchases, deposits, andwithdrawals (Brannick&amp Levine, 2002).Bank manager will offer guidance to the clients on exploiting heirsavings to get high-interest rates by investing in areas such asshares, bonds, mutual funds and insurance. They are responsible forachieving established bank objectives and attaining their goals byparticipating in the management of sales officer call programs(Brannick&amp Levine, 2002).The manager will be involved in the community activities to promotethe bank’s brand and to improve new and established businessopportunities.


Nameof Organization: OneWest Bank

Titleof the Position: Branch Manager

Reportsto: Headquarter Manager

Reportingto this position: Tellers, Customer care officers, and Human ResourceManager

Roles:Management of operations in the branch branch


  • Arranges and directs activities of the branch

  • Manages the human resource in the branch

  • Involved in the marketing of the bank’s brand that includes attaining the assigned deposit targets.

  • Attending marketing meetings and ensuring that the goals are accomplished within the stipulated time.

  • Promoting the sales and service culture in the branch, they are designated to head.

  • Keeping in touch with all regional headquarters to get the updates on the organization objectives and goals and keep the workers updated on same.

  • Ensuring employees under their management are highly motivated and are appropriately maintained.

  • Undertake the performance appraisal in their branch.

  • Report on all responsibilities and duties to the headquarter manager


  • One should have a university degree in areas such as finance, business economics marketing or management from a reputable university across the country.

  • Those with MBA marketing have an added advantage

  • At least a banking experience of 5 years or any other financial institution such as marketing would be desirable.

  • Should be above 25 years old in age.

  • Must have people management skills, strong communication skills, business skills, management skills, problem-solving skills, technical expertise, strong accounting skills and proficiency with computer packages.


Theposition of a branch manager is the paramount title to theorganization. Smith is an experienced and skilled worker who isabreast with the organizational objectives, goals mission, andvision. They communicate the aims and objectives to employees undertheir management.

Thejob is assessed in two report types

  • Annual report on the performance

  • Annual confidential

Incumbentcomment on the job assessment

Forany incumbent to be satisfied on the annual reports he/she must beassessed and asked to write the APR for his/herself where then thesupervisors evaluates the APR.


Themain aim of the conduction of the job analysis is to present the jobdescription as well as the job requirements that play a vital role inthe hiring the right job candidate for the right position and withappropriate skills. Both the job description and job specificationallow for a further conclusion on the job assessment (Milkovich,Newman, &amp Milkovich, 2002).The information obtained is applied to plan an adequate job. To comeup with the adequate job a balance between and behavioral componentsshould be maintained. An individual working as a BM must be brave tolead a team consisting of 20 or more persons. He/she must be anexcellent marketer and a brilliant psychologist so he/she canapprehend the attitude of the clients. As much as job analysis animportant process it is a complicated and sometimes a cumbersomeprocess (Milkovich,Newman, &amp Milkovich, 2002).

Someshortcomings result in conducting a job analysis. For example, thejob description sometimes does not apply to some high-rankingmanagers as they have freedom to initiate a fruitful new direction.The other drawback is the inflexibility of the job description in thefast-changing organization, for example in the place subject to fasttechnological change. Any other changes can also lead to variationsin the job content which can result in the description of the jobbeing outdated. Periodic changes are made to a given vacancy. Thedecision to do emanates from the need to ensure that those who fillthe positions are up to the task.


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