` is a partly spontaneous and planned music. This means that though themusicians perform predetermined tune, they have an opportunity todevelop or invent. I watched the 2016 Essentially Ellington Competition where Tucson Institute performed MagnoliasDripping with Molasses.Looking at the band you could notice these instruments: – drums,piano, bass, trombone trumpet guitar, and saxophone. I sat midway inthe hall, and I could notice that the hall was designed to reduceechoes. Thus, the original voice of the band was more pronounced

Theband started performing Magnolias Dripping with Molasses led by atrombone, saxophone and trumpet soloists who alternated their roles.The soloist began with a slow pace as he was joined by the bandmembers at the same pace with slight variations. After few seconds,the soloist started alternating high and low pitches as the bandmaintained a steady tempo.

Youcould see emotions being displayed through the different facialexpression of the artist the soloist showed a mix of intensefeelings and relaxed depending on the notes he did hit. The drummerchanged the drumsticks twice to keep the rhythm in place as hecomplemented the soloist actions adding excitement into theperformance while the guitarist played a single note, maintaining therhythm.

Onthe other hand, the bassist played the roots of the chords keepingthe performance going. Similarly, the pianist played chords in alively and rhythmic fashion. The texture of the music was homophonicand while the melody was harmonious.

Whenlistening to a jazz music, your reaction can be flat at first as youhave no clue what are the intentions of the band, but as you tagalong you will find yourself tapping your foot on the ground andprobably reacting to the bands’ emotions that are expressed throughtheir instruments and bodies. Also, jazz music is cool, peaceful andmature.


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