It’s Time we Stop Hating the Gay Community

Not so long ago, the Western world was imprisoning people becausethey were gay. That was about 50 years ago. About 200 years ago, thechurch was castrating gay men. Sometimes the punishment would involvevery inhuman measures like beating them. One will wonder what theirbiggest crime was. Did they deserve such barbaric treatment? Why thesociety did not deem them fit to live? Why did the society banishthem? Apparently, their biggest crime was being different from therest. They were brave enough to accept their sexual orientation, andlook what that got them.

It is the 21st Century but the gay community still has along way to go. Recently in the news, I saw Islamic militantsthrowing gay men off tall buildings. The news made me turn off my TV.Up to this day, I still tremble at the thought of it. I fail tounderstand why we still have such practices in this time and age. Itbeats logic that some grown men are so much interested in what othermen do in their bedrooms that they are willing to kill them for it.It beats logic that two people, who have done nothing to harmanybody, deserve such inhuman treatment. Why can’t we just let thembe?

Although most developing countries do not have laws that criminalizebeing gay, the treatment of gay people in such countries is notpleasant either. Just recently, social media blew up when it emergedthat a judge in Uganda had ordered an anal exam to determine whethera suspected man was indeed gay.

The big question is why was he arrested in the first place yet thecountry does not have laws criminalizing the same? And, is it notagainst human rights for such types of exams? Such actions go togreater lengths to show that it is not yet freedom for the gaycommunity. The community has achieved a milestone, but still, not yetthere.

We of the non-gay community may convince ourselves that we havenothing to do with their suffering. Truth of the matter is, if youare not part of the solution, then you contribute to the problem inone way or another. All I am asking the rest of the population is torefrain from turning a blind eye on the suffering of the gaycommunity. They are our brothers, sisters, and friends. Everybody isdifferent in his or her own. Their difference from the rest of usshould not be reason enough to castigate them. In the same way, youruniqueness from the rest of the society should not be a reason foranyone to discriminate against you. How would you feel if the wholeworld discriminated against you because you do not like coffee likethe rest of the population?

Even then, it is not all gloomy for the gay community. In a recentstudy by CNN, 56% of Americans supported gay marriages. The figurehas gone up from a paltry 10% in 1988. We can raise this proportionby accepting people for who they are. We cannot all be the same thatwould be boring. I am not saying that we love them all I am sayingis that we accept and respect them. You don’t have to befriendthem just don’t discriminate.