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Dow Jones Sustainability Index: Assessment Overview

TheDow Jones Sustainability Indices are used to assess the globalsustainability performance of the major firms around the globe. Theindex involves a full analysis of corporate economic, theenvironmental as well the social performance of the enterprise. Onewould argue that for a company to be assimilated in the Dow JonesSustainability Index, it must be assessed in addition to beingselected depending on its lasting economic, social as well asenvironmental asset administration strategies. It is important tounderstand that particular criterion is developed to conduct anassessment overview of companies every year. RobecoScam gathersinformation through the use of questioners, company documentation,the media as well as the stakeholder analysis (Robecosam, 2016).

TheIndex describes the ranking of the largest 2500 companies around theglobe.Investors use this index to choose suitable companies andinvest in them. The index may be applied to the field of engineeringby assisting understand the sustainability of materials needed forvarious companies. As the index changes annually, it offers an equalchance for enterprises to improve their economic, social, andenvironmental management. Through the index, one can be able tounderstand more about the current marketing strategies applied bydifferent companies around the globe. The index focuses on reflectingon well-developed companies thereby providing an excellent example ofdeveloping businesses in the global market. Under Engineering theindex indicates a performance evaluator, thus establishing a companywould demand the use of the DJSI as a benchmark. During the recentpast, the DJSI has been identified to focus mainly on corporatesustainability. Many companies have been assessed in regards to thestrategic development patterns employed. As an indicator, corporatesustainability describes the company’s performance, strengths, andweaknesses.

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