Hume`s Dialogue Concerning Natural Religion

Hume’sDialogue Concerning Natural Religion

Hume’sDialogues Concerning Natural Religion

Philo’smentioning of spiders is an objection to Cleanthes argument. It isevident that Cleanthes support of the design theory where he arguesthat natural features are beneficial to human beings indicatesbenevolent intelligence exists. According to Cleanthes, there is asupernatural being responsible for the art seen in all naturalfeatures. There is a higher sense of coordination in the universe forone to assume that it just happened naturally. Cleanthes states thatall religious systems face overwhelming hardships as every theoristtries to elaborate their ideas by discrediting others’ thoughts. Heargues the systems should not be rejected under any givencircumstances.

Onthe other hand, Philo uses the spider example employed by Brahmins toexplain the origin of the universe. He explains that the universeoriginated from the infinite spider. Philo refutes Cleanthes bystating that after the earth rose from the spider anything could beorderly from the belly to the brain of the spider. The argumentpresented by Philo that existence of order in the universe can beattributed to the nature of matter itself could be right. He statesthat thought lacks influence on the matter but only at the pointwhere it is too conjoined to itself to the point of having an equalmutual influence. Philo tries to argue that pure intelligence couldnot have an impact on the matter. His objection does not form astrong argument as it fails to explain how orderly systems of thespider, belly and brain resulted. It would be prudent if heelaborated the origin of the spider.