Human Trafficking Claudett P Hillotero Dr. Christine Pavesic EH1020 Abstract



Humantrafficking involves kidnapping, harboring and transporting peopleagainst their will. This criminal behavior has been termed asinhumane because it disregards the principles of individualliberties. People perpetrating these acts do so with intentions toinitiate people into prostitution, terror groups, slavery, andpornography business. Also, the trade of body organs in the blackmarket has resulted into human trafficking. The targets of humantraffickers are the homeless, the poor and hopeless. The war againstthis heinous act has faced impediments as a result of thelegalization of prostitution. This paper utilizes these sources“Understandingglobal slavery, Surviving human trafficking, 5 things to know abouthuman trafficking Unpacking the trafficking discourse. Traffickingand prostitution reconsidered: New perspectives on migration, sexwork, and human rights Human trafficking: A global perspective”to elaborate the concept of human trafficking and its effects on thevictims. Furthermore, human trafficking has been contributed byglobalization because it is easy to source cheap labor from othercountries to developed ones. Victims of this illegal trade have beenleft with a lot of physiological and psychological harm they facestigmatization from the society and physical violence daily.

Keywords:Human trafficking, human traffickers, prostitution, globalization.


Thereis no doubt that human trafficking is a vile act that robs people oftheir freedom, thus it has been termed as modern slavery. It has beencontributed by unscrupulous business persons who are ready to usepeople for their gains. Research has shown that there is acorrelation between poverty, prostitution and human trafficking(McCarthy,2014).As a society, we have a role in ending this menace that devours ouryouths and morals, collectively. Governments and Human RightsCommissions have the responsibility of investigating people connectedwith these crimes and bring their actions to book. I also encourageour brothers and sisters that we should be careful when stigmatizingthe victims of human trafficking because we make the war againsthuman trafficking impossible to end, since people feel that they willnot be accepted back in the society, thus they continue practicingthose habits that they were initiated in.


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