Hilary and Sanders


Hilaryand Sanders

Brief:Hilary Clinton’s triumph in the Democratic primaries led to mixedemotions as to whether Mr. Sanders would endorse her after hisdecision to wait for the convention and call for changes in the partyrules. The meeting and comments Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Sanders madeafter the Democratic primaries give a signal about their willingnessto join efforts and compete against Donald Trump (Aclindor &ampHealy, 2016).

Thesis:The meeting between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton best signalsthe Democrats’ devotion to fighting against Donald J. Trump.

Clintonbecame the favorite presidential nominee after she gathered 79% ofthe votes in the Democratic primaries. However, Bernie Sandersdecision to wait for the convention and push for the elimination ofthe super delegates makes his ability to endorse Clinton indistinct(Alcindor &amp Healy, 2016).

Duringthe meeting after the primaries on Tuesday, Mrs. Clinton advisorsnoted that she never expected to receive Mr. Sander’s approval.Similarly, Bernie Sanders aides said that he was withholding fromsupporting Mrs. Clinton and expected her to win his confidence beforethe ensuing Democratic convention. The end reaction of Mr. Sanders isa concern to Mrs. Clinton’s advisors. The key concern is whether hewill back and support her in the campaigns, or just recognize her asa nominee, and take away his support. However, some advisors feelthat there is a high possibility that the two Democrats will unite,given the threat of Trump winning the election (Easley, 2016).

Accordingto Parsons (2016), Mr. Sanders alleged that his top priority isensuring that Trump will not win the presidency. Consequently, thereis a high chance that he will endorse Clinton if she wins during theconvention. Mr. Sanders also said that he wanted to identify the kindof platform supported by Clinton during the meeting so that he couldresolve on the right course of action. Afterward, Sanders’ advisorsreported that he was of the opinion that Clinton commented on amajority of the correct topics.


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