Health Discussion


Question 1

Having a 3-minute reading to help caregivers relax before startingtheir work is a worthwhile idea. It is a good way of breaking frommonotony of work and focusing on oneself. Health care professionalsand other caregivers should endeavor to seek balance between thepatient’s welfare and their own welfare. They should always seekharmony with their physical, emotional, and spiritual lives so as todeliver the standard of care the patients need and deserve. We arenot super-humans and must seek help when need be. Caregivers shouldappreciate and advocate the idea of finding self-time to settle,relax and do the little things that make them happy (Jennings, 2008).This will help them to focus before and during the work. They gothrough a lot at work, putting up with a lot of pressure from thehuge workload of patient care, management timelines and restrictionsand family pressures (Jennings, 2008). This can really have a toll onus such that we fail to take good care of ourselves.

Question 2

It is realistic for health workers to model a mental, physical andspiritual health for themselves because such endeavors protect themfrom burn-out. Caregivers are no different from the rest of Americanpopulation and thus can suffer from stress, burn-out and depressionas a result of work related challenges. They are no exceptional tothe pressures of life such as extensive workload over emphasis onpatient care at expense of their own family problems and hostileinterpersonal relationships between management or other coworkers(Jennings, 2008). Caregivers need to look into the areas that bringthem such stress and physical deprivation and try to work on them.

Social support and empowerment is important to achieve this goal(Jennings, 2008). Avoiding too much concentration on the patients andpaying some more attention on their lives would make them lessvulnerable to burnout and depression. Finding more self-care time toenjoy time with their friends and colleagues instead of beingworkaholics would increase their productivity. Adopting healthylifestyles such as good eating habits, physical exercises andrelaxing with their favorite readings are key steps towards betterhealth and more physical energy for themselves. Spiritual growththrough personal relationship with God and emotional maturity isimportant to caregivers (Scazzero &amp Bird, 2003). Emotionalmaturity enables them to solve disputes amicably and interact wellwith others. Spirituality helps them embrace a calm and humbleattitude that can help them understand people from differentbackgrounds.


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