Handling a Union Grievance

Handlinga Union Grievance

Managinga Union Grievance

Acollective bargaining agreement comprises of the negotiation betweenworkers and employers with the aim of regulating remuneration aboutassigned duties and responsibilities. The union represents theemployees on issues such as salary, working hours, training, healthand safety, overtime and mechanisms of submitting complaints.

Asthe General Manger of the City Center hotel, it has come to theadministration’s attention that some of the employees have filed agrievance concerning the involvement of the manager in the cleaningof rooms. In my opinion, the workers have a legitimate interestbecause the participation of the manager in housekeeping duties meansthat the overall off work time for each staff reduces. Apparently,staff in charge of cleaning would be paid for the extra hours ofovertime during busy days. In addition, the manager has her duties toperform other than cleaning and it is possible for the employees toperceive that she is trying to cut the operational cost of paying thestaff for extra working hours.

Toestablish if this complaint is genuine, two steps can be followed.First, the workers are allowed to submit any relevant evidence thatsubstantiates the claim at any particular phase of the grievanceprocedure. Second, the administration will have to look into thematter through performance records and the financial records todetermine if the protest is valid.

Howthe Issue could have been avoided

Thereare several ways in which such an occurrence is eluded. For instance,the employment of additional housekeepers who are called upon whenthere is need will be helpful. In this way, the other employees willperceive them as their own and understand that the help comes whenthe work is too much for them.

Itis also important to note that the manager should have consulted onthe way forward instead of embarking on duties that do not fall underher docket. Furthermore, it would have been wiser to involve theemployees and inform them on the idea of her assisting and obtainingtheir opinions. In this way, any issue raised previously would behandled earlier before going to the union. Apparently, the manager isaware that the hotel has a bargaining agreement with the union andthus it would be better if she did not go against or appear to betrampling on the stipulated terms and conditions of the contract.

Respondingto the Union

Answeringback to the Union is a task that needs to be handled with utmostcare. At this point, the fact is that the occurrence in question isright, hence there is no need of denying the accusation. However,caution must be exercised to ensure that the incident is notperceived as an intentional infringement of the agreement. A possibleexplanation is that all the currently employed workers are allocatedthe maximum allowable working hours and when the load escalates, theycannot continue due to tiredness which compromises quality. Inaddition, part of the job description of the manager is to ensurethat all rooms are clean, and it is only sensible that she does thatespecially when it is necessary. Finally, owing to the event that sheparticipates in cleaning only on busy days, which rarely happens, itis not viable to employ a reliable person because such days areinsignificant.


Handlinga Union Grievance

Theachievement of high performance and positive attitude among theemployees is dependent of the human resource practices adopted by anorganization. Whiteand Bryson (2013) observethat the employees’ attitude is dependent on the intensity of thehumanresourcessystem and the effect of the practices that advance the attainment ofthe work values. Thegrievance by the housekeeping employees is legitimate since themanager observes the laxity in the unit.

Employeeshave the right to raise issues that jeopardizes their productivity inthe place of work. The existence of a collective bargaining agreementis a reflection that the City Center Hotel has a contract detailingthe terms of engagement. It is probable that the new manager isworking against the terms stipulated in the CBA. The disagreementwill in turn affect the morale and productivity of the employees. Itis possible that the new manager does not have a full understandingof the terms in the CBA. Perhaps the new boss is only trying to savethe situation by promoting the value of teamwork among the employees.

Briefingthe new manager about the contents of the CBA is the primary solutionto the situation. It is considered that the manager is engaging theemployees out of own volition. Unfortunately, the engagement isaffecting the relationship and the performance of employees. Thegeneral manager (GM) has a duty to harmonize the disagreements byinforming the new manager about the policies of the company and theobjectives of the union. Further, the GM needs to define clearly theworkings of the union to ensure it does not undermine theorganizational goals. The administrator needs to continuously trainand motivate the employees on the importance of teamwork and respectfor the team leaders.


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