Hamilton Review

Hamilton is a musical that caught the eyes of many theatreenthusiasts and critics alike. The play about a group of youngrebels, who shape the future of their country, has been the talk oftown for quite some time. In some media reviews, some opinion shapershave gone to the extent of saying how much they have heard aboutHamilton and that they do not wish to hear about it anymore. Themusical sensation has broken the limits in the world of musical.Maybe it may take forever before another play takes the theatre bystorm. This success is attributable to the collaborative effort ofthe actors, designers, and the director. The discussion on themelodic will present my personal review of the Hamilton musical.

The director’s success is evident in the entire musical theatre.The director is responsible for coordinating the actors and thedesigners. The flawless execution of the roles of actors anddesigners is usually a result of a good director, and in this play,they made the best of their role. I was particularly impressed by thewell-articulated incorporation of the music within the play. In someamateur plays, the music is often misplaced scenes that arecaptivating and emotionally intriguing lack an accompanyinginstrumental, while the flat scenes are all full of song and dance.

However, in this play I noticed that the director had positioned eachsong and instrumental at the appropriate scene, or at least accordingto me. The music was well orchestrated to elicit the desired emotion.As a result, the audience was involved and attentive. It was not onceor twice that I shed a tear or burst out into a loud laughterprimarily because of the music.

I also noticed a peculiar but good choice of songs by the director.The songs made a completely new difference in the musical. Quiteoften, directors have preferred classical music on their set. Theyhave always considered common genres of music such as RnB and Hip Hopas too mainstream for their plays. Instead, they have relied onclassical music composers to write them songs and make instrumentals.

However, in this musical I felt the difference created by thedirector’s choice of popular genres of music such as pop, RnB andHip Hop. I not being a great fan of Classical music was highlyimpressed by the music selection because I could relate to it. Inaddition, these genres of music incorporate several musical elementsin their beat to create a captivating instrumental. The lyrics to theinstrumentals did not disappoint as well.

The actors had a major role to play in the collaborative success ofdesigners, actors and the director. A good director with lousy actorswill always produce a below average performance. In this musical, theactors put their best foot forward to bring out the best in thedirector. The one actor who impressed me the most was the actor whoplayed the role of Hamilton. His body movements and sense of humorcame off as natural. He did not have to struggle too much to fallinto character. I believe such is what makes a good actor. Inaddition, the singers did it so flawlessly that I kept wondering whythey have not considered recording any music like the ‘Empire’cast does.

The designers were also key players in the collaborative success.They were responsible for the costumes and the stage. The design ofthe stage always creates a first impression on the audience. Aperfectly good play may be compromised by a stage that does not seemcaptivating to the audience. On the other hand, an average play mayseem out of this world because of the design of the set and thecostumes of the actors. This goes to show how important the designeris important in the set.

I liked the actors’ costumes in the set and how they switched fromone scene to another. The costumes were also tailored to match thecharacters of the actors. For instance, the costumer for Hamiltondisplayed power and importance in the society. The creativity used inthe stage set was also top notch. The partitions also matched thecast of the play. In a nutshell, the designers did a marvelous job.

I can confidently say that this musical is a milestone in the historyof musical theatre. I am not saying because of the many reviews thatI have come across in the course of my online searches. I am sayingthis after witnessing the play with my own eyes. Out of the numerousmusicals that I have seen, this one stood out as the best. If thereviews are anything to go by, then this musical is a milestone inthe history of theatre musical. The songs, the actors, and thedesigners all made the musical a force to reckon with. In addition,this musical is among the few that have been attended by celebritiesand the head of state. We do not see that quite often. The ticketsales are also milestone.