Gun Control Event


Gun control policy to curb gun related violence has been a thornyissue among the Americans. Gun control debate in the Unites Stateshas waxed and waned through many years, initiated by the masskillings perpetrated by civilians. A series of laws has been passedto control gun possession in order to curb such violent and terroristrelated killings. Some of the notable mass shooting include the 2012mass killing of 20 schoolchildren in Newtown, Connecticut the 2015mass killing of nine people at Charleston, South Carolina the 2015mass shooting that claimed 14 people at San Bernardino CommunityCenter in California and the recent 2016 mass shooting at a gay clubwhich claimed the lives of 50 people and wounded 53 in Orlando,Florida.

The debate should involve all the American people from all walks oflife and government officials from both the federal and local stategovernments. It should include both the citizens who recommend gunownership and those that are against gun ownership as aconstitutional right. The people should be multi-racial andmulti-religious so as to reach a wider audience and target specificpeople especially the radicalized Islamic terrorists. The projectedattendance will be 3,000 people. The first event will be held inOrlando Florida to pay tribute to the victims of the Orlandoshooting. This event will be a historical one because a largepopulation will be expected to attend to discuss the issue of guncontrol in the state in solidarity with the survivors of the biggestmass shooting in US history. The event will also involve thesurvivors of the shooting who will shed light on the gravity of theneed to come up with better gun control laws.

To organize such an important event, financial assessment and plan isnecessary. The estimated budget is $1 million which will cater forprior advertisements through radio, TV and print media,transportation, food and drinks, actual venue organization,facilitator remuneration, security and municipal licenses. The budgetwill include events in four states. Different stakeholders andorganizations will be the main financiers of the events including TheRockefeller Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, TheFederal government and various non-profit organizations like NationalRifles Association and Gun Owners of America Association. The choiceof these sponsors is influenced by their financial muscle and thereprior financial aid to many social and political activities inAmerica. These organizations have helped to bank roll many otherevents touching on gun control as well as other social events.

To contact these organizations for funding, many platforms will beused. First, booking appointments with the relevant management is animportant step in getting a face to face conversation with them.

Such personal contacts would provide a platform to detail theobjectives of the event and the expected outcome as well as to aidconvincing the management to fund the event. Secondly, letters andemails will be sent to these organizations targeting specific peopleafter a prior contact with them through telephone conversations.Subsequent follow up on the issue would show the importance of theevent and seriousness or dedication to the event at hand.

Proper advertisements through the TV, radio, online platforms andprint media will be used to campaign for the event. Pamphlets,flyers, brochures, banners and posters will be distributed in all themajor cities and homesteads of the target states to familiarize thepeople with the event. A dedicated team of influential bloggers willbe employed to create the desired online traffic to market the eventto many people. Advertisements on newspapers and magazines will alsohelp to reach a wider audience. Direct mails and emails will also besent to the people in an attempt to lure them to the event.