Group Therapy



Brief description

TheStormstageoccurs after people join a group. During the storming stage, theoriginal politeness of members attained throughout the formationprocess begins to fade. Although the team members are moreconcentrated in achieving the key objectives of the group, they startarguments on things left unclear during the establishment process.Such issues may include the unclear formal roles of the members, theobjectives of the team, the official leadership or other externalfactors. The number of vague conditions and issues determines thefierceness of the disagreement experienced at this phase (Tuckman &ampJensen, 1977).

How to recognize the stage

Thekey indicator of the stage is the lack of focus on the roles andresponsibilities of the members. Consequently, there are conflictsbetween the members of the group. On the same note, some members maylack the clarity of their roles and responsibilities. As a leader, Iwould begin by clarifying the duty of each member and make him or herunderstand how their responsibilities are aligned to the overallobjective of the group (Tuckman, 1965).

Transitioning to the norm stage

Asa group therapy leader, I would establish the rules of the team andenhance collaboration and sharing of the teammates. For example, Iwill introduce the procedures of task execution and illustrate howand when the responsibilities shift from one individual to the other.Such systems will help the members to understand when it is theirturn to perform a task. Besides, it will enable the members torealize when they are supposed to pass over a given task to otherpeople. Once everyone understands the laid out procedures, he or shewill contribute to the formation of norms among the group members.The well laid out responsibilities shall eliminate the conflict, andthe members will focus on achieving the overall goal of the team toform the norms (Tuckman, 1965).


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