Group Development



Bruce Tuckman came up with five stage model (Hall, 2014) .The firststage is the formation of the group and members get to know one otherafter which they start to engage in the storming stage, which is thesecond stage. Norming is the third stage in which rules are set andimmediate implementation follows in the performing stage before thegroup is dissolved. The understanding of the stages leads toeffectiveness since a peaceful working relation is created thus, amanager ought to establish structures to put this in place.

Basesof power

Generally,there are five foundations of power (McGrath, 2015) it may be as aresult of expertise, reward, legitimacy, referent, or even coercion.Expertise power results from having certain skills, while rewardpower is due to a person’s ability to command influence in thereward field like increasing of salary and wages. As a manager, I putmuch consideration on the referent power. I would like to lead byexample and earn respect from others, and also stamp my legitimacy.In such case, I will have both personal and positional power.


Ineach group, there are individuals who portray certain levels ofpurposeful laziness to take advantage of others (Lukas, 2012). Forinstance, John, who is a member of the baking department, alwayscomes late to find the job almost finished. Whenever he comes early,he opts for lighter duties, like fetching water. From observation, itis clear that John does not like the job. It is also clear that hedoes not get along with some of the colleagues due to hispersonality.

Toaddress this, first I will limit the group size this will ensurethat each member must work for the task to be completed. Similarly, Iwill assign specific roles so that each member is held accountablefor his or her role.

Inthe school situation, it is necessary to assign everyone a specificarea during manual work to curb the above mentioned vice.


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