Green Roofs


Green roofs provide many benefitsto the surrounding areas when they are well-structured andmaintained. Thus, they have been installed in many places around theworld. There are specific factors that make them unique in an area.Before using green roofs in Jeddah area, several factors need to beconsidered. For example, plant selection, material availability, andirrigation system. This paper supports the idea of installing greenroofs in governmental buildings as opposed to residential houses. Thevalue of land in Saudi Arabian and Jeddah is very high, whichincreases the cost of housing. The more expensive green roofs willhave huge impacts on homeowners. If they are installed in governmentbuildings, they will not impact negatively on homeowners.

The application of green roofs inarid regions needs an irrigation system. This is because, during hotand dry weather, constant water supply is required for vegetationsurvival. The irrigation system suggested will harvest rainwater,which is stored and used to irrigate the green roof during the dryseason (Liaw, Huang, &amp Chiu, 2015). The systems will eliminatethe problem of runoff water and ensure that rainwater is used moreefficiently. However, it will be dependent on the weather. Thus, ifit does not rain, another irrigation system will be required. Theinitial cost will also be significantly high.

The vegetation in a green roofneeds maintenance, which includes fertilizing and plant selection,and monitoring. However, this depends on several factors. Forexample, according to (Porsche &amp Kohler, 2003) green roofs maynot need fertilizing, but selecting the right plants and monitoringis essential. This will influence the design and quality of the greenroof.


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