Garifuna Heritage Footage

GarifunaHeritage Footage

The is a documentary film that was produced bythe National Garifuna Council of Belize. This film focuses on theculture of the Garifuna including language, dance, music, and ritual.From the footage, it is apparent that the Garifuna people have asense of community, where they do not carry out their culturalactivities from the perspective of an individual, but considercarrying out activities as a community. In their culture, there isgood reciprocity.

Fromthe footage, it is evident that the Garifuna has differentcelebrations that they mark as a community. One such celebration isthe Dugu, which is the celebration of healing (The).During this celebration, people come from different places withsongs. In the ceremony, there are songs for different times of theoccasion for instance, there are songs for opening the ceremony,songs for offering, and songs for killing the chicken. Anothercelebration that the Garifuna mark is the Beluria, which marks thefinal farewell for a person after burial. This is done on the 9thday following the burial of a person. Furthermore, anothercelebration associated with the Garifuna culture is the Abinahani(The).

Drumbeating is a practice that accompanies the songs and dance of theGarifuna. In the songs and dances of the Garifuna, both men and womentake part. This is an indication that almost everyone takes part inthe singing and dancing of the community since the old and the young,female and male are involved. Furthermore, an important aspect tonote about the singing and dancing of the Garifuna people is thecostumes. Costumes are usually part of the songs and dance of thesepeople.


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