Forensic Discussion



Fiveyears ago, an unknown individual murdered a young woman in Sydney.The lifeless body was placed on a tree, a couple of meters from theroad. On commencement of the investigation, the police had variousopinions on the possible causes of the death. Amongst the suspectswas her ex-boyfriend. The suspect claimed that since they had thebreak-up he had not seen the former lover. However, the police foundconversations regarding plans on how the two planned to meet(Beckmann, 2014). The telephone details raised suspicions and formedthe basis of the investigation.

Thefirst step involved a search in the ex-boyfriend`s car where fibersamples were obtained from the carpet. Using a Stereomicroscope, thefiber experts also studied the microscopic features of fibers,including the color composition and size, from the scene of the crimeand related them to the once they found on the suspect’s car(Saferstein,2004). Further,the specialists examined the fiber shapes, especially in surfaces andcross-sections. The use of special techniques in viewing, includingfluorescent microscopy and polarized-light, gave more data on thecharacteristics of the fibers (Beckmann, 2014).

Theuse of microscopy on the case made it possible to assess the changesthat had taken place on the fibers during the accident (Christensen,2014).Through the various strategies, the investigators isolated the dyeeffects and saw more regarding the fiber structures (Girard,2013).There were blood clots on the fibers obtained from the carpet of thecar. It was noted that the suspect had stepped on the carpet with thesame shoes that he used in the murder. Ultimately, it turned out thatthe fibers had been plucked from the victim’s car. The ex-boyfriendwas guilty of murder (Beckmann, 2014).


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