Fight Club/Memento Mori discussion question

FightClub/Memento Mori discussion question

MementoMoriby Jonathan Nolan highlights the significance of memories. Earl theprotagonist of the story suffers from memory loss and has to recorddown everything that happens to keep track of his reminiscences. InFightClubby Chuck Palahniuk, the protagonist is employed in an automobilecompany and lives a comfortable life. However, he does not findhappiness in life because he suffers from chronic Insomnia. He seeksrelief by attending support groups and posing as Jack. The storieshighlight the lives of two men suffering emotional trauma and seekingself-discovery.

Earlbridges the gap between his amnestic state and reality throughtattoos and notes that plays the role of his memory. “Taped to thewindow in front of him is another piece of loose leaf paper headedYOUR SCHEDULE” (Nolan 1). Earl’s struggles to hold onto memoriesmanifested through the two characters highlights his internalturmoil. Although he has lost his ability to express emotions, Earlcannot come to terms with the death of his wife due to his inabilityto sense time. Contrary to the historical Earl, his presentself-lives an aimless life without ambitions and does not expressemotions. “It`s a white room, overwhelmingly white, from the wallsand the curtains to the institutional furniture and the bedspread”(Nolan 1).Earl desires to avenge his wife’s death but cannot recallthe murderer. In the end he has to accept the reality and live anempty life without memories.

FightClubdepicts the life of a man seeking for meaning in his life. AlthoughJack owns a home, a car and has a good job, he suffers from chronicinsomnia and his doctor advices him to join support groups. “Mydoctor said, &quotInsomnia is just the symptom of something larger.”(Chuck 9). Jackfinds a sense of belonging and importance through the groups heattends and finds sleep again. He suffers from loneliness anddejection because of his fatherless childhood. The novel highlightsthe present social issues where people are too busy to listen to eachother and find comfort interacting with people who share similarproblems.


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