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Running Head: FAVORITE ACTIVITY: FOOTBALL 1FavoriteActivity: Football


FavoriteActivity: FootballFootballremains my favorite sporting activity. It is a sporting activity thatI have developed a passion for. I like watching and playing footballduring my leisure time. More so, I also follow international teamsand tournaments such as World cup, and UEFA competitions in football.In addition, with the development of video games, I have been a keenfollower and player of the video version of the football game in thefamous PlayStations. This paper comprises of a personal writingregarding an activity that I am familiar with reflecting on threedifferent styles from first and third person narrations as well asstep by step description.Step-By-StepInstructions

  • Football as a sport has a long history since it was invented in early China to the current form of football styles and rules governing the sport (football). As one of the most followed and played sport in the world, football is also known as soccer by the Americans and Canadians.

  • A game of football is played by 2 teams with each team comprising of 11 players (10 outfield players and one goalkeeper). A football team is divided into different playing positions such as defense, midfield and striker. My preferred position is striking.

  • Football is played on a level ground with the sides divided into two equal halves. Each half has a goal post at the end.

  • A game is played when two competing teams have to fight for the ball possession. The main focus is to score more goals than the opponent. The game is played under the supervision of a referee and two linesmen. The team that scores more goals emerges as the winner.

  • For leisure and exercise/practice purposes, football is played by different number of people, no referee as well as no strict observation of rules. However, it remains one of the common games played in schools and colleges by both girls and boys.

  • Since elementary school, football has been my preferred activity, as it has remained a dream to become as professional football.

  • A normal football game is played in two halves which takes a total of 90 minutes. Each half is 45 minutes, with a provision of 15 minutes break between the halves.

  • Playing football remains a great source of entertainment as well as a form of physical exercise. More so, it helps people to build team spirit. Today the way the game is played has evolved from the old robust and use of strength to more defined patterns which is made football a better game to play and also watch.

FirstPerson Narration

Myfavorite game/activity is football. I usually play it every day withmy classmates and friends as well as during my leisure time. Footballis a popular game in our country and the game has seen a number ofpeople arise as stars and professional players making their name wellknown among football fans. I started playing football since I was 6years old, back in the village, and I have been playing the game eventoday whenever I have time. Today I have become a better player,physically fit as well as being part of the school football team.

Footballis also known in America as soccer. Football is a game that is playedby 22 players or two competing teams, whereby each team is made of 11players. I like playing as a striker due to the fact that, I likescoring goals. This game (football) has a rich history. Football wasstarted many years ago in China. Today it is the most played and alsothe most followed/watched sport. In addition to playing the actualfootball game, I also like playing the football video games. Innormal circumstances, a game of football is played for 90 minutes.This time is divided into two halves, whereby each half is 45 minuteslong. A referee is used to supervise the game. Between the twohalves, the players are given a 15 minute break.

Today,I have become a passionate football player and follower to an extentthat, I am contemplating pursuing a professional career in football.My favorite player is Cristiano from Portugal who plays for one ofprominent clubs in Spain (Real Madrid). I like football due to thefact that, it makes me strong, healthy as well as keeping fit. I havealso learnt some important moral virtues such as obedience, respect,tolerance, punctuality, discipline and corporations from the game offootball. I look forward to continue playing, watching and enjoyingthe game of football.

ThirdPerson Narration

Footballis my favorite sport/activity. Not only does the game allow one tospend time with friends, football also keeps one physically fit andoccupied during leisure times. Having been started in China manyyears ago, football as a sport has become the most followed sport bypeople all over the world. It is also the most played sport globally.Since its invention in China, football has evolved both in terms ofhow it is played, and rules governing the game. For example, in thepast, the game was robustly played. Players used physical strength tobe winners. Today, this is different as teams use tactics, definitestyles of play in order to win. There are many internationalrecognized football tournaments such as the current ongoingtournaments Euro 2016, and COPA America. The football game has seenthe rise of many stars both the past and present. It has also beenrecognized as a professional career with many players earning theirliving from the football as a sport. These include the likes ofMessi, Ronaldo, and Figo among many other professional footballers.

Footballis played between two teams, with each team comprising of 11 players.The game runs for 90 minutes which are divided into two halves. Eachhalf is 45 minutes long. There is also a referee to supervise thegame. He (referee) is assisted by two linesmen. The game is playedwhereby players pass a ball past the opponent with their aim being toscore as many goals as possible. The winning team is the one thatmanages to score more goals than the opponent team.

Inconclusion, writing the essay in the different styles (step-by-step,first and third person styles) is challenging. This is despite havingthe idea of the activity in focus. One challenge is that, I have tomaintain the definite style requirements. Among the three styles, thethird person narration is the best for me. This is due to the factthe style can allow me to borrow information from other researchersin the same topic I am writing about. This is unlike the case withfirst person style whereby, I have to write about own experience. Onthe other hand, the step by step approach needs proper preparing, andperfect flow of the information from one step to the other.