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The experience I had with the family of Mr. Joseph Smithunearthed some spectacular facts about culture, values, and theirinfluence on healthcare decisions. It was a Christian family of four,Mr. Smith, his wife Mrs. Smith and their two children, Moses andChantelle. Moses was 12 years old and the firstborn, with cordparalysis and chronic disease of the lungs. His tracheostomy tube haddislodged two days after surgery. After the second dislodge, the tubewas sutured back at the side of the bed thisattempt was fruitless. This process was painful to Moses,but his mother kept on telling him to hold on because men are notsupposed to cry while in pain. In collaboration with the surgeon, weengaged the family, who were there with Moses, in finding the wayforward. When asked for options, Mrs. Smith turned to her husbandasking him to give his opinion. Since this family was African-American, the man is considered the familyhead and soul decision maker&nbsp(&quotPatient-and Family-Centered Care and the Pediatrician`s Role,&quot2012). Mr. Smith gave us the option of holding the tube in aplace where his wife agreed. Iwas inquisitive and asked Mrs. Smith why she would not giveher opinion she told me that her parentsraised her to respect a husband.

Mr. Smith successfully maintained the tube in place for oneday. The family was prayerful. Mrs. Smith kept on reminding them topray for the boy. His sister often hugged him. The support Mosesreceived was inspirational and admirable. In the end, thetracheostomy was carefully sutured by the surgeon and remained inplace.

In the subsequent family visits, I noticed a difference with thewhites. Decisions are made unanimously between the husband and wife,and the best option is considered. Thewhite families upheld modern healthcare seeking techniques likefrequent screening.

Family-centered care comes withchallenges and advantages as well. I noticed that family diversity isvital in matters of health. My personal experience as a healthcareprovider is increased and there is a needfor fostering family involvement in making health decisions abouttheir members. Mr. Smith is an example of a positivedecision from a family member that contributes to recuperation.


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